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Image - PBA Editorial Board and Reviewer Meeting

PBA Editorial Board and Reviewer Meeting

We are delighted to share a glimpse into the recent Editorial and Reviewer Meeting of the People and Behavior Analysis (PBA) journal that transpired on January 12, 2024. This gathering marked a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence as PBA continues to thrive as a peer-reviewed international journal under the esteemed banner of the Research Synergy Foundation (RSF).

PBA serves as an academic haven for scholars and experts in the diverse domains of behavior analysis. Covering a spectrum from business and management to organizational behavior, social and culture, marketing, behavioral economics, green behavior, industrial psychology, educational psychology, consumer behavior, social psychology, and sustainability behavior, our journal is a tapestry of insights that shapes the discourse in these critical areas.

The primary aim of the meeting was to illuminate the progress of our journal and chart a course for the upcoming issues. As a cherished member of the esteemed editorial board and reviewer team, your insights and contributions were and continue to be instrumental. Your dedication and expertise serve as the bedrock of PBA's success.