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International Conference Programs

It aims to create a "tipping point" of opportunities for participants to disseminate their research globally and have reputable scientific publication output.

The international conference’s primary focus is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, scholars, and practitioners worldwide to share experience and knowledge to help our society and communicate with the public through scientific publications. To hold an effective and efficient international conference, every organization needs a definite publication output, reliable scientific process, good pre-during-post process coordination, and an integrated system. In the Research Synergy Foundation,, we ensure that every conference we hold meets the international scientific standard and aligns with the Ethical Guidelines of Publication. The committees formulate the guideline by instigating a series of studies conducted by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), IEEE Xplore Author Guideline Ethic, and I-DAS ethical through desk research method. There are many benefits and opportunities for us to participate in our international conferences.

Please check our upcoming conference schedule on https://bit.ly/UpcomingConference-RSF 

See you at the conference!