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Image - Now Published AQA Vol. 3 No. 1: June 2023

Now Published AQA Vol. 3 No. 1: June 2023

The second issue of Applied Quantitative Analysis (AQA) Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2023 is now published!


Discover more and find interesting and worthy research on the current issues:

Optimizing Market Growth Strategies in South Sulawesi: A Comprehensive Evaluation using Multi-Criteria Decision Making and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) - A Case Study of PT MCM
Authors: Chandra Kurniawan, Pri Hermawan

Enhancing Readiness and Mathematics Performance in Face-to-Face Learning Among Grade 7 Students: A Descriptive-Correlational Study
Authors: Conrado A Batiao, Alberto D Yazon, Karen A Manaig, Sherwin B Sapin, Victoria E Tamban

Improving high school students' performance in basic calculus using the Enhancing Mastery & Expertise in Mathematics supplementary material
Authors: Maria Merlinda A Nunez, Alberto D Yazon, Sherwin B Sapin, Victoria E Tamban, Karen A Manaig

A Statistical Analysis of the GDP and PCI of Bangladesh for the Coming Years
Authors: Md Arman

Self-Guided Analysis Tool Pack (S-Gat) Improved Students’ Performance in Statistics: Experimental Approach
Authors: Kristian James S Ramos, Sherwin B Sapin, Alberto D Yazon, Victoria E Tamban, Glen P Cortezano

Effectiveness of Interactive Classroom Tool: A Quasi-Experiment in Assessing Students’ Engagement and Performance in Mathematics 10 using ClassPoint
Authors: Doris V Querido

Attitudes, Anxiety, Skills and Culture in Research: The Case of a Private Higher Education Institutions
Authors: Eric S Parilla, Arestday, Ruby