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Social Programs

It aims to empower and encourage society to share the value of creating an impactful program with us.

Empowerment and Encouragement are the two keywords that drive our SOCIAL PROGRAMS  for leveraging the impact, such as: 

- Conference Grant -> We give over 50.000 USD Grant in total for our university partners to support the early career researchers and students.

- International Service Program -> One of our dedicated programs for institutions/ universities/ associations that wants to expand its network and improve its scientific publication impact with us. 

- Paper Writing Collaboration -> This program is intended to give a practical learning platform, broader perspective, access, and publication opportunity output to scholars.

- Connecting Research Parties / Stakeholder Gathering -> We are connecting all related stakeholders to have a broader impact. Author, Reader, Institution, University, Reviewer, Editor, and Publisher can take their specific role in our global research ecosystem.

- The annual Social Entrepreneurship Challenge – Our encouragement program for Social Enterprise in Asia, Australia, and Europe.

and last but certainly not the least

- Shared Value Co-Creation Programs -> This program encourages mutual promotion, exchange of experts, scientific committee contribution, building potential cross-border collaborations, and supporting research publication. 

We believe that every individual, organizations, and research community has the same opportunity to share the value of creating an impactful program together with us.


Feel free to be part of our Empowering program on https://bit.ly/SocialPrograms-RSF