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Image - Now Published JHASIB Vol. 1 No. 2: November 2023

Now Published JHASIB Vol. 1 No. 2: November 2023

The latest issue of the Journal of Halal Science, Industry, and Business (JHASIB) Vol. 1 No. 2 is already published!


Explore further and uncover the most recent perspectives, encompassing both theoretical and practical research in Halal studies. This encompasses a range of contexts, including issues related to food and the methods for introducing Halal products, with the authors from various countries bringing diverse expertise to shed light on these topics.

  1. Healthy and Halal Food’s Contribution to Children After The Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors: Ilfi Intansari, Sisca Wulandari, Ujang Sugara, Nor Aida Abdul Rahman


  1. Halal Food and Inclusivity in Children’s Literature: A Case Study of Halal Exploration from Cultural and Religious Perspectives in Kindergartens in Indonesia

Authors: Maya Lestari, Yogi Gumilar, Fitria Budi Utami, Shahid Bashir


  1. Determination of Pork Fatty Acid in Bulk Cooking Oil

Authors: Oktaviona Dwi Fatwa Az-Zahra, Dina Pratiwi, Nita Rusdiana


  1. Implementation of Halal Practices in Providing Supplementary Food in Kindergartens, Indonesia

Authors: Fitria Budi Utami, Maya Lestari, Yogi Gumilar, Jalaloden Bansil Marohom, Nerissa G. Dela Viña


  1. Halal Alternative Sources of Gelatin: A Review

Authors: Nureesun Mahamud, Najwa Yanya Santiworakun, Sarin Chaovasuteeranon, Firadao Boonmalert


  1. Introducing Halal Snacks to Children: A Phenomenological Study in Indonesian Kindergartens

Authors: Yogi Gumilar, Maya Lestari, Fitria Budi Utami, Vahid Norouzi Larsari, Jalaloden Bansil Marohom, Nerissa G. Dela Viña


  1. Application and Evaluation of the HAL-Q System in Hospital Kitchens

Authors: Suwainah Sa-i, Erfun Waehama, Anat Matimu, Arseeyah Lateh, Anat Denyingyhot, Pornpimol Mahamad, Monrudee Khemtham, Warawut Krusung, Kasinee Katelakha