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Image - Now Published AQR Vol. 1 No. 2: September Issue

Now Published AQR Vol. 1 No. 2: September Issue

The latest issue of Advanced Qualitative Research has already been published!

In this issue, the AQR Journal delves into current research on different topics and issues, including entrepreneurship, education, to fashion development, focusing exclusively on qualitative studies.

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  1. Assessment of the Different Challenges and Success Factors in Setting Up an Online Business of Student-Entrepreneurs: Insights for a Proposed Solution

Authors: Thea Christine Pagtalunan, Ana Mariel G Lambot, Kevin Timothy S Dumanglas, Irvin Perono


  1. Lived Experiences of Social Studies Teachers Conducting Hybrid Classes amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: King Arnold C Satsatin, Jeoffrey C Latayan, Francisco P. Panopio Jr., Sherwin B Sapin, John Frederick B Tesoro


  1. Leaders of Collaboration, Communication, and Confidence Behind Adversity

Authors: Eileen May Atienza


  1. The Influence of Cultural Values and Norms on Political Attitudes and Behavior: A Sociological Study

Authors: Muhammad Touseef, Bedar Bakht Khan, Shahbaz Ali, Hasnain Nazar Abbas, Ahsan Raza


  1. Monetary Incentives Versus Fringe Benefits: The Motivation Behind Generation X and Millennial Employees

Authors: Princes Diane R Escosura


  1. Evolution of Indonesian Islamic Intellectual Fashion in the Early 20th Century: A Visual Narrative Analysis

Authors: Soni Sadono, Brilindra Pandanwangi, Teddy Ageng Maulana, Danil Kasputra