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Image - Now Published AQA Vol. 4 No. 1

Now Published AQA Vol. 4 No. 1

The AQA January – June 2024 issue has been published!
In Volume 4 No. 1, Applied Quantitative Analysis (AQA) presents five papers exploring distinct topics and concerns through quantitative data analysis. These comprehensive studies address various issues, including educational development, the digital business sector, and global carbon emissions.
For detailed information, the papers published in the current issue are as follows:
1. Performance of Companies and Controlling Share Ownership on Company Liquidity: Evidence from Emerging Markets
Authors: Aulia Asriani Putri, Riki Martusa, Meythi Meythi
2. Evaluating The Impact of Online Product Review Credibility and Online Product Review Quality on Purchase Intention of Online Consumers
Authors: Josephine Diana S Campos, Jofrey R Campos
3. The Influence of Physical Training on The Flight Performance of Cadets
Authors: Fajar Islam, Muhammad Rosihan Aristo
4. Enhancing Retail Supermarket Financial Performance Through Market Basket Analytics Using Apriori Algorithm in Indonesia Market Case
Authors: Jerry Heikal, Ayu Gandhi
5. Strategic Analysis of International Oil and Gas Companies’ Response to Global Carbon Emission Reduction Initiatives
Authors: Budi Prasetyo, Utomo Sarjono Putro