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Image - 7th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (7th IBEMS)

7th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (7th IBEMS)

A remarkable event has occurred!


The 7th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (7th IBEMS)  was an outstanding event held on July 18, 2023. This international conference was organized by Research Synergy Foundation (RSF). The 7th IBEMS was held on virtual platform and has given a chance to increase knowledge among researchers found ideas for further research, and new found research and collaboration opportunities.

This event was held in one day and the virtual conference has been a great success. Participants and audiences who attended came from various countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria, Oman, Uzbekistan, and many more.

The opening of the 7th IBEMS International Conference was opened by Mrs. Finna Zephyrine



All researchers, scholars, and colleagues participated in the discussions and exchanged ideas at the scientific conference. This conference theme is to  This year, the conference aimed to strengthen multidisciplinary research from basic to share their thought and findings in various spectrum of Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies.


This conference acts as a dynamic forum where bright minds congregate, innovations develop, and ground-breaking discoveries are made. We are happy to welcome a remarkable collection of outstanding academics, renowned professors, business experts, and eager students from the different sectors of Management, Sustainability studies, Economics, Business, and Education. We believe that this conference would be a valuable opportunity for me to learn from and collaborate with other scholars and practitioners who are working on these important issues.


Then, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as  Founder & Chairperson of the Research Synergy Foundation. Dr. Hendrati also given an introduction to Research Synergy Global Network which has been a successful platform for researchers to share their ideas through international conferences, contribute to the research ecosystem by being a reviewer, session chair, or a speaker.

Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih
Conference  Chair of 7th IBEMS


Online Presentation Session

After the welcoming remarks and the global research ecosystem introduction, the conference then continued by an Online Academic Presentation Session. With tracks Management, Sustainability Studies, Economics, Business, and Education the Session Chair was:

  • Dr. Rovena I. Dellova from Lyceum of the Philippines University, Philippines

Online presentation session consists of 6 participants

First Presenter - Mrs. M. Sienly Veronica (Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Indonesia)

Please join Forum to Discussion with Mrs. Sienly here


Second Presenter - Ms. Julien Bagtas Accad (Laguna College of Business and Arts, Philippines)

Please join Forum to Discussion with Ms. Julien here


Third Presenter - Assoc. Prof. Dzurizah Ibrahim (Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia)

Please join Forum to Discussion with Assoc. Prof. Dzurizah here


Fourth Presenter - Mr. Akzal Zukluf Junaedi (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

Please join Forum to Discussion with Mr. Akzal here


Fifth Presenter - Mr. Azka Thariq Budiman (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

Please join Forum to Discussion with Mr. Azka here


Sixth Presenter - Dr. Rodel W. Alvez (Philippine Christian University, Philippines)

Please join Forum to Discussion with Dr. Rodel here


The discussion was very intriguing, and the audience raised essential questions. All of the presenters presented the results of their research with great enthusiasm. They share the knowledge from a result of research to improve knowledge. As well as getting scientific feedback from the session chair and audience/attendee with a Q&A session. Through this virtual conference, we still have an opportunity to share knowledge, develop knowledge together, and get new insights from each other.

The next session was awarding for the presenter that already giving the best effort to presenting their research in this 7th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (7th IBEMS).


While waiting for the recapitulation of the presentation score for all presenters. Mrs Santi Rahmawati, the Founder and Director of Global Network and Operation at Research Synergy Foundation, was inviting and encouraged the audience to be part of the Global Research Ecosystem. The community platform embraces scholars, researchers, students, practitioners, or someone passionate about advancing knowledge and collaboration. More information can be seen at https://globalresearchecosystem.com


The next agenda was the awarding session for the presenters, best presenters, and session chair.

The certificates for the presenters were given by Dr. Rovena I.Dellova. Dr. Rovena congratulated all presenters who have given their best effort in presenting their research and answered the questions from the attendees.

After that, the agenda was the awarding session for the Best Presenters. The selection of the best presenters was given based on the assessment of the session chair who was in charge of presentation sessions.



The last session of the conference, the token of appreciation was given for the session chair. In this session, it was time for Mrs. Santi Rahmawati to present the certificate for the session chairs. Mrs. Santi gave appreciation for the session chairs who have helped in shaping a lively discussion on the 7th IBEMS conference.



7th IBEMS 2023 conference was held successfully.


With this virtual meeting, it is hoped that all participants will gain valuable knowledge, and collaboration will be formed to continue research so that it is more developed.  The 7th IBEMS 2023 conference is held as an ecosystem of scientific meetings following to exchange and share their thought and finding in various spectrum of Sustainability through Interdisciplinary Research Development. It is hoped that the launch of 7th IBEMS will also be a great environment and platform for the research in Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies.


See you on the next agenda 2023!


Conference Website link: https://www.ibemsconference.com/

The conference recording can be accessed at https://youtu.be/0nbqrGFZ0No

Documentation Photo and Video 7th IBEMS 2023 Conference click here

The abstract conference proceeding book with DOI number can be seen in the conference website ibemsconference.com or click the image below.