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Image - Now Published JESS Vol. 1 No. 2: September 2023

Now Published JESS Vol. 1 No. 2: September 2023

The latest issue of the Journal of Elementary and Secondary School (JESS) is already published!


Discover interesting research on theories and practices concerning contemporary challenges in elementary and secondary education across different nations.

  1. Contemporary Parenting Behaviors and Attitude Toward Learning: Basis for Academic Enhancement Program

Author: Gladysma Kate Ruga



  1. Absenteeism of Some Students in Secondary School in Sokoto East, Nigeria

Author: Yusuf Yahaya Miya, Yusuf Sarkingobir, Abbas Abubakar Hiliya, Abdullahi Sanusi Sidi, Zayyanu Bello


  1. Level of Satisfaction with the School-Based Management Process: Basis for Improved Management System

Author: Mark Anthony Pasubillo, John Mark Asio


  1. Navigating Nuances: Intermediate Teachers’ Experiences Handling Generation Z Learners

Author: Ladylou B Dejacto, Francis May S Valmorida, Genesis B Naparan


  1. ENRICH: The Developed English Grade 8 Most Essential Learning Competencies-Based and Integration-Focused Worksheets

Author: Margielyn M Angay