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Image - Now Published IJMADIC Vol. 1 No. 2: September Issue

Now Published IJMADIC Vol. 1 No. 2: September Issue

The first Volume of the International Journal of Marketing and Digital Creative (IJMADIC) Vol. 1 No. 2, September 2023, is now published!


Discover more and find fascinating and valuable research on contemporary issues in the field of Internet-based applications, the latest trends in internet usage, and current topics.

1. “Analysis Of Spotify Top Songs During Covid-19 Pandemic”
Badrah Uyuni, Khairan Muhammad Arief, Mohammad Adnan

2. “The Evolving Role of Social Media in Modern Marketing Communications: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities”
Sanan Waheed Khan, Hui Geng, Vahid Norouzi Larsari, Zohaib Hassan Sain

3. “Perception of Bank Managers on the Use of Personal Social Media for Bank Product Promotion: A Narrative Study of Nepal”
Rajendra G Jaishi

4. “A Case Study on the Marketing Mix Responses of Café De’ Nilo at Taguig City Amidst Pandemic”
Jefferson S Marcello, Ravenal O Dela Fuente

5. “The Effect of the Internet on Enhancing Marketing among Business Organizations”
Sarkar Ahmed Saeed, Savo Rezhan Abas, Nada bashir Abdulkarim

6. “Exploring the Implication of ChatGPT AI for Business: Efficiency and Challenges”
Md Armanr, Umama Rashid Lamiyar