Image - BICOMPACT <br> | on 15 November 2023

| on 15 November 2023

A remarkable event has occurred!

The Bakrie International Conference on Communication, Management, Politics & Accounting (BICOMPACT 2023) was held successfully on 15 November 2023. Organized by Faculty of Economics and Social Science, Universitas Bakrie and Research Synergy Foundation (RSF), this conference was held in hybrid, live from the Universitas Bakrie and virtually through the online platform. The BICOMPACT brought the theme of “Advancing Sustainability: Strategic Approach for A Changing World” with 40 tracks of interdisciplinary field of studies presented by 41 participants. This conference aimed to strengthen the interdisciplinary research from basic to share their thought and findings in various spectrum of Green Accounting, Behavioral Accounting, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Operation Strategic, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Strategic and Analytic, Governance and Public Policy, International Relation, Democracy and Political Dynamics, Sustainable Corporate & Marketing Communication, Media & Journalism, Climate Change and Mitigations, Social Media & Cultural Study, Sustainable City Branding.

The conference has successfully gathered speakers, participants, scientific reviewer, session chair, and attendees from more than 15+ countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, China, Morocco, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , USA, Tanzania, Oman and many more..


A Seamless Hybrid Conference

The BICOMPACT was arranged seamlessly between the onsite and online participants. The opening started live from the Universitas Bakrie, while the virtual participants joined through the online platform Zoom.
The opening consisted of the safety induction delivered, playing the song Indonesia Raya and Opening Prayer.
The welcoming remark was delivered by Dr. Jurica Lucyanda, S.E., M.Si., AFA, CSRS, CSRA as the conference chair of the BICOMPACT.

After that, the co-conference chair and chairperson of the Research Synergy Foundation, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih. She introduced the Global Research Ecosystem by Research Synergy Foundation, which supported the scientific process and publication of BICOMPACT. Thus making the conference more reputable and internationalized.

The conference also welcomed by the Rector of Universitas Bakrie, Prof. Ir. Sofia W. Alisjahbana, M.Sc., Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN Eng. presented an opening speech for the BICOMPACT. 

Keynote Speaker Session

The Bakrie International Conference on Communication, Management, Politics & Accounting (BICOMPACT 2023) invited 3 Keynote Speakers coming from various country. Two of the keynote speakers, Mr. Taufan Eko Nugroho Rotorasiko as CEO PT Lativi Media Karya (tvOne), Indonesia and Prof. Lee Di Milia, Ph.D. from Central Queensland University, Australia came to the conference onsite.

Keynote Speaker 1 

The first keynote speaker was Mr. Taufan Eko Nugroho Rotorasiko who is CEO PT Lativi Media Karya (tvOne), Indonesia.

Mr. Taufan Eko Nugroho Rotorasiko
CEO PT Lativi Media Karya (tvOne), Indonesia

Keynote Speaker 2 

The second keynote speaker was Prof. Lee Di Milia, Ph.D. who is Central Queensland University, Australia.

Prof. Lee Di Milia, Ph.D.
Central Queensland University, Australia

Keynote Speaker 3 

The Third keynote speaker was Wan Norbani Wan Noordin, Ph.D. who is Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia.

Online Academic Presentation Session

The online academic presentation session of the BICOMPACT was divided into 6 Breakout Rooms. The Session Chairs for the online academic presentation session came from various countries and affiliations:

Breakout room 1:
Session Chair: 
Dr. Supachart Iamratanakul – King’s Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand


Breakout room 2:
Session Chair: 
Ms. Caryn Ng Kar Yan – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia


Breakout room 3:
Session Chair: 
Dr. Jo-Ting Wei – Providence University, Taiwan


Breakout room 4:
Session Chair: 
Dr. Ma. Elena Estebal – Technological Institute of the Philippines, Philippines


Breakout room 5:
Session Chair: 
Dr. Saddam A. Hazaea – Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China


Breakout room 6:
Session Chair: 
Dr. Yeow Jian Ai – Multimedia University, Malaysia


In this session, the discussion went smoothly and the questions came from both onsite and virtual participants. After all the presenter finished with their presentation, all the presenters and attendees were directed to go to the main room for online and the auditorium for the onsite participants a short break in the Main Room to wait for the Best Presenter, Best Student Achievement , Best Paper announcement, Session Chair Recognition, and Closing Speech.

Awarding Session

After all the participants were back on the main room and the auditorium, there was a short break as a preparation for the awarding session and the closing ceremony. Then, the MC announced the Best Presentation , Best Student Achievement and the Best Paper awards. There were 6 Best Presentation awardees, 4 Best Students awardees and  2 Best Paper awardees.

The Best Presentation category was nominated based on the professionalism, the organization of the presentation, the visual of the presentation, and the handling of the questions, based on the evaluation given by the Session Chairs throughout the presentation.

The Best Presentation on the BICOMPACT are:

Breakout Room 1
Paper ID: CMP23123
Name: Nur Edi Nomalisa
Affiliation: Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
Title: A Bibliometric Analysis: Green Marketing in Circular Economic Era

Breakout Room 2
Paper ID: CMP23121
Name: Dwi Anggia Ritmadhini
Affiliation: Bakrie University
Title: The Commodification of Media Content, Audience and Labor in The Production of “Dua Sisi” On tvOne: A Critical Analysis of Economic and Political Practices

Breakout Room 3
Paper ID: CMP23145
Name: Arief B Suharko
Affiliation: Universitas Bakrie
Title: Inventory Model with Safety Stock involving Multiple Sources of Uncertainty

Breakout Room 4
Paper ID: CMP23130
Name: Muhammad Taufiq Amir
Affiliation: Universitas Bakrie
Title: Microlearning for professional’s resilience training&development: A literature review

Breakout Room 5
Paper ID: CMP23129
Name: Tri Pujadi Susilo
Affiliation: Universitas Bakrie
Title: Carbon Emissions Disclosure from an Accounting Perspective

Breakout Room 6
Paper ID: CMP23112
Name: Zahra Aulia Zen
Affiliation: Bakrie University
Title: Discourse Network Analysis on Energy Transition in Indonesia

The Best Best Student Achievement on the BICOMPACT are

1. Best Student
Paper ID: CMP23128
Name: Amara Farah Tahar

2. Runner Up 1 Best Student
Paper ID: CMP23114
Name: Iksan Adityo Mulyo

3. Runner Up 2 Best Student
Paper ID: CMP23142
Name: Ratu Anggin Dewi Fortuna

4. Runner Up 3 Best Student
Paper ID: CMP23154
Name: Ammara Tuhfahhani

Meanwhile, the Best Paper award category was decided upon these criteria:

1. Submitting the Full Paper with the time,
2. No notes in ethical consideration: Pass the plagiarism checking, citation appropriateness
3. No Revision (Accepted) or only having Minor Revision in the previous review during submission
4. Format/ template alignment,
5. novelty of the content,
6. academic, practical, and societal contribution or the impact
In the BICOMPACT, there were two Best Paper awardees:

Best Paper

Author: Achmad Fauzi, Jurica Lucyanda, Fadil Permana, Tifani Margaretha, Mila Novita
Affiliation: Accounting Department, Bakrie University
Title: “The Role of Auditor Independence, Professionalism, Skepticism, and Organizational Culture on Auditor Performance”

Best Paper

Author: Ni Putu Purmayanti, Kadek Enik Suyantini, Kadek Juli Ardani, Dominica A. Widyastuti, Holila Hatta
Affiliation: Bakrie University
Title: “HECARE: Sustainability Start-Up Innovation Based on Circular Economy Through Processing Food Waste into Products with High Use Value”

The next session was the Closing Remarks, delivered by Dr. Dudi Rudianto, S.E., M.Si. as Dean of Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Universitas Bakrie.

Dr. Dudi Rudianto, S.E., M.Si.
Dean of Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Universitas Bakrie