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Image - Editorial Board and Reviewer Meeting of IJMESH

Editorial Board and Reviewer Meeting of IJMESH

We are thrilled to provide you with an update on the successful Editorial Board and Reviewer Meeting of the International Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship, Social Science and Humanities (IJMESH) journal, which took place on June 01, 2023. This meeting served as a platform for esteemed scholars, researchers, educators, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world to convene and discuss critical topics in management, entrepreneurship, social science, and humanities.

IJMESH is a renowned journal with an international perspective that publishes conceptual papers and empirical studies, addressing issues of interest to the academic community, educators, policymakers, and practitioners worldwide. The journal welcomes high-quality submissions that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in various areas, such as entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, small and medium enterprises, operational management, people management, knowledge management, finance, marketing management, business administration, international business, business communication, human resources, organizational behavior, psychology, law, language, sociology, government science, community development, politics, social science, culture, human rights, women empowerment, and conflict resolution.

The primary objective of this meeting was to review the progress of our journal and make crucial decisions that will shape the future issues. The insights and contributions of our esteemed editorial board members and reviewers were highly valued and greatly appreciated. The discussions revolved around maintaining the journal's high standards, fostering interdisciplinary research, and promoting the dissemination of impactful research findings.

During the meeting, a wide range of topics were covered, including emerging trends in management, entrepreneurship, social science, and humanities, innovative research methodologies, and the significance of interdisciplinary approaches. The participants actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions, sharing their expertise, and offering valuable suggestions. The atmosphere was one of collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and a shared commitment to advancing scholarly research and knowledge.

We extend our sincere appreciation to each esteemed member of the editorial board and reviewer team for their active participation and invaluable contributions. Your dedication and expertise play a vital role in maintaining the quality and relevance of the research published in IJMESH. Together, we are creating a platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, fosters academic growth, and contributes to the advancement of various fields of study.

Moving forward, the outcomes of this meeting will guide the direction of future issues of IJMESH. The decisions made during the meeting will be integrated into our editorial strategies to ensure that the journal continues to be a leading publication in the field. We are committed to providing a platform for cutting-edge research, promoting scholarly dialogue, and fostering the growth of the academic community.