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Image - Now Published, AQR Vol. 2 No. 1

Now Published, AQR Vol. 2 No. 1

The latest issue of the Advanced Qualitative Research (AQR) has been published!


In this issue, AQR published several papers that discuss various issues, from a social critique phenomenon through art, ethical issues, to exploring motivation through the community. All these matters were examined using a qualitative approach.

  1. Semiotic Analysis of Editorial Cartoons of the Philippine Artist

Authors: Genesis Joy Arañas, Arlene Gorpido, Jewel Chrizelle Huraño, Louise Lane Icaro, Vyneth Jana Luna, Stephan Jenkins Norada, Jertrude Ellice Mendoza, Jellan Peñaredondo, Marie Jo Tess Ragos, Mark David Ramos, Cynic Tenedero



  1. Ethical Business Decision-Making in Organizations: A Theoretical Perspective

Authors: Stephen Pembi & Bulus Kamna Ali



  1. Ethics as a Transformational Strength in Education: An Ethical Leadership Perspective

Authors: Bipin Sherchan, Prateet Baskota, Mohan Singh Saud


  1. The Role of Business Process Modeling Notation in Process Improvement: A Critical Review

Authors: Adieb Mursyada


  1. Understanding Through the Click: How Social Media Guides or Misleads the Issue of Halal Products

Authors: Widyoretno Adiani



  1. A Qualitative Exploration of Millennial Motivation in Community-Engaged Lifestyle Change Activities with #SalingSilang

Authors: Mirana Hanathasia, Annisa Fitriana Lestari, Ken Ayuthaya Purnama, Adelia Putri Maharani