RSF International Service Program was attended by 31 selected Universities and Institutions on September 4, 2019, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This program was delivered by All Founders of RSF.

The first part of Research Synergy Global Research Ecosystem was explained by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder and Chair of RSF.

Next, Mrs. Ani Wahyu Rachmawati, MSM as Founder and Director of Publication explained about Publication Ecosystem of RSF.

Finally, the last part about RSF Inyegrated Operating System and Network ecosystem was explained by Mrs. Santi Rahmawati, MSM as Founder and Director of Global Network.

All invitations were enthusiast to asked about collaboration program that can be occurred between RSF and University. Discussion runs well and interactive.

The last moment was signed of MoU with several universities that ready to collaborate with RSF.
By doing this CSR program of Knowledge Sharing and Project Collaboration in the future can help many universities/ associations to gain better access to scientific publication and global research ecosystem.