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We realize that the best education for all is one that can comprise the ecosystem as a medium for an academician to disseminate and collaborate with other academicians (scholars/ researchers). High impact publication will benefit not only the individual, but also their institution, country, and bigger societies. We believe that a country needs to focus on research-based action for the betterment of society.

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Two of the top challenges are the limited access and raising awareness of the local academician to be a global scholar, to have confidence in disseminating their research for the betterment of wider societies. They need to be aware of the importance of being a global research ecosystem where they can collaborate and partner with academicians/ researchers from different backgrounds to hone their potentials. The current pandemic problems creating a challenge as well, these researchers shift their priorities toward more basic concerns (health & safety). However, we are still focusing on the spirit of collaboration. One of the ways that RSF does it so that the spirit of research and output of publications can remain facilitated, we strengthen online scientific forum platforms such as virtual conferences. But without the support of various Parties such as universities/institutions themselves, it will be quite difficult to widen the impact.

So we welcome all individuals, organizations/institutions (universities, governments, and private sectors) to be part of our research ecosystem.


As reviewer, you will do a review on articles for RSF scientific forums. It is integrated with REVIEWERTRACK as the trademark platform hub to connect reviewers all over the world.


As researcher, you will involve in paper writing collaboration programs with other scholars from various countries. The scheme is to increase the quality of the papers and open up the opportunity for publications in our scientific forums.

Expert/ Trainer

As Expert/ Trainer, you will give and share knowledge in your expertise area to the global scientific community. The medium can be lecturing, sharing sessions, workshops, coaching, training, or another related program.

Strategic Partner

As Strategic Partner, you will enlarge the impact, particularly in scientific research and knowledge implementation for society. A strategic partner can act as a funding sponsor that work together to bring change.


As Volunteer, you will have opportunities to work with us, networking with researchers/scholars from various countries, and project/program involving

Keynote/ Invited Speaker

As Keynote/ Invited Speaker, you will give the speech and insight in RSF scientific forum. The coverage area is not limited to a specific country.

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