International Conference on Anti-Corruption and Integrity: Strengthening Transparency & Accountability for the Better Public-Private Governance (ICOACI) was held successfully by collaboration between Research Synergy Foundation (RSF), Universitas Paramadina (UPM), Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), and Ford Foundation on September 3, 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

One of the best conference with very in-depth in its content with narrower theme of conference. This conference was highly effective for knowledge, research, idea, and work sharing. In total, there were professors, scholars, academics, and students from all over the world, including Indonesia, Australia, India, Japan, Afghanistan, and Philippines.

The opening speech was given by Dr. Sunaryo as LPPM Director of Universitas Paramadina and Conference Chair ICOACI.

Next, Rafiuddin Palinrungi, Ph.D as Program Officer, Ford Foundation, Indonesia.

Continuing, RSF founder and chairman Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih explaining about the role of Research Synergy contribution to the scientific community. By collaborating with RSF, institution/ organization will strengthen their educational value.

The first speech was from Prof. A. J. Brown as Keynote Speaker. He is Professor of Public Policy & Law, Griffith University, Australia.

The second Keynote Speaker was Prof. Firmanzah, Ph.D as Rector of Universitas Paramadina, Indonesia.

The third Speaker was Mr. Laode Muhammad Syarif as Vice chairman of Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), Indonesia.

The last speaker was Ahmad Khoirul Umam, Ph.D as Universitas Paramadina, Indonesia.

All the keynote speakers and the moderator were sit together to start the discussion with all participants in the room. Question and answer session was run very well. All participants really enthusiast to ask about the speaker’s topics and the speakers give the best answer regarding the question from all the participants.

This session was run very quickly and we already in the end of opening ceremony, and it closed by group photo of all the participants, invitations, speakers, and committees.

Parallel session begun after lunch in the 3 separate rooms. In this session was divided by two parts. The first was presentation session and the second was discussion session.

All the presenters had delivered/ shared their research and work eagerly at the presentation session.

Feedback from the session chairs also given to all presenters in order to motivate and encourage them.

While the presentation is done by each presenters, there is discussion session. The audience can directly ask questions, comments, or give other suggestion regarding presentation.

In brief, the participants received feedback from the session chairs and improve their research from the discussion session among participants/ audiences. After the presentations session done, they got the certificate of presentation.

Finally in the closing ceremony, it was announced for participants who received the Best Paper and Best Presentation. Best papers were chosen by scientific committee of reviewers who had read the research previously. The Best paper are:

  1. Mrs. Prima Naomi with research title: “A Bird’s Eye View of Researches on Good Governance: Navigating Through the Changing Environments”

2. Mr. Budi Ibrahim with research title “Innovation in Corruption Risk Mapping using a Value Chain Map and its Application in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia”

In addition, Best Presentations were chosen by the session chair in charge of presentation sessions in each room. They assess each participants presentation based on evaluation form. The Best Presentation are:

  1. Mr. AG. Eka Wenats Wuryanta with research title “DECORATING OUR KAMPONG”: Between Marketing Communication Strategy, Implementation Integrity and Development of Tourism Potential in Karangrejo Borobudur, Central Java”

2. Ms. Miranda Tanjung with research title “What Drives Firm-Level Anti Corruption and Bribery Mechanism in Indonesia?”

3. Mr. Budi Ibrahim with research title “Innovation in Corruption Risk Mapping using a Value Chain Map and its Application in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia”

4. Mr. Taufik Rachman with research title “Private Bribery and Integrity in Doing Business”

5. Mr. Kukuh Leksono with research title “Private Bribery and Integrity in Doing Business”

You can access all documentaries in this link: