On July 13, 2020, the event that we always held every year, Japan International Conference on Business, Management Studies and Social Science (JIBUMS) was held successfully. This time, the 6th JIBUMS is different from previous conferences that are always held in Japan, but today we are meeting at the virtual conference.

The conference aims to enable a presentation of scientific work results and arrange an interdisciplinary discussion among the academic field representatives, professionals of practice, and doctoral studies about a relation of business, management, and social science.

The participant and attendees were from twenty-four countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Morocco, Nigeria, Nepal, Maldives, Cambodia, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ghana, USA, South Korea, Somalia, Tunisia, Chile and Taiwan.

All the presenters had delivered/ shared their research and work eagerly at the presentation session. In brief, the participants received scientific feedback from the session chair and improve their research from the discussion session among participants/ audiences. Hopefully, with this virtual conference, we can still have an opportunity to share knowledge and get a new insight for each other.

The first presenter is Mrs. Sylvia Rozza with research entitled “Attribute Relevance Moderation on The Effect of Consumer Cognitive Load on Advertisement Complexity and Recall”.

The second presenter is Mr. Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto with research entitled “Chinese Responsibilities for The Spread of Covid-19 Arising Out of Its Territory According to International Law”.

The third presenter is Ms. Wati Margaretha Marpaung with research entitled “Employee Experience Through Exchange: The Analysis How Team Member Exchange, Leadership Member Exchange, High-Performance Work Systems, Satisfaction and Voice Behavior Relation to Employee’s Trust in a Financing Company”.

The fourth presenter is Mr. Windraya Adikara with research entitled “Innovative Behavior in Public Sector: The Role of Leader-Member Exchange, Psychological Capital and Job Crafting”.

The fifth presenter is Mr. Pranata Jaya with research entitled “Effect of Perceived Organizational Support and Workplace Fun on Intention to Leave with Trust and Employee Voice Behavior as Mediators: Case Study on Millennial Employees in a Private Bank in Indonesia”.

The sixth presenter is Mr. Nur Apriyantoro with research entitled “How Technology Improve Employee Engagement: The Analysis of Technology Acceptance Model, Leader Member Exchange, Team Member Exchange and Perceived Organization Support in a Restaurant Chain”.

The seventh presenter is Mr. Thanapum Limsiritong with research entitled “A Qualitative Case Study of Japanese Long-Stay to A Knot of New Wave Issues of Multiracial Thai-Japanese in Thailand”.

The eight presenter is Mr. Michael Surya Gunawan with research entitled “The Role of Transformational Entrepreneurship in Improving Employee Performance of PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Tbk (BRI)”.

The ninth presenter is Mrs. Febri Nila Chrisanty with research entitled “Examining Determinants of Employee Performance: The Role of Transformational Entrepreneurship, Readiness to Change and Counterproductive Work Behavior”.

The tenth presenter is Mrs. Nareswari Sumarsono with research entitled “Authentic Leadership and Its Impacts on Organizational Deviance, Learning Organization and Readiness for Change”.

The eleventh presenter is Mr. R. Darmawan Siswanto Pramana with research entitled “The Joint Effect of Digital Transformation and Information Technology Infrastructure on Service Quality: The Role Commitment to Service Quality as Mediator and Environment as Moderator”.

The twelfth presenter is Mrs. Dian Alanudin with research entitled “Understanding the Indirect Effect of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Performance with Readiness for Change and Innovative Behavior as Mediators”.

The Thirteenth presenter is Mrs. Retno Wahyuni Wijayanti with research entitled “The Role of Transformational Entrepreneurship and Job Crafting in Increasing Employee Performance: Readiness for Change as Mediator, A Case of PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), Tbk.”.

Hopefully, with this conference, all the participants and the audiences can get insightful knowledge and keep the research spirits high.