On January 21, 2020, 5th JIBUMS was held successfully. The event was attended by several participants, such as from Indonesia, Australia, and Khazakstan. 5th JIBUMS provides an opportunity for participants to give feedback to each other from different perspectives. Discussions on topics in this event took place interestingly. Through this scientific forum, fruitful discussion and feedback will trigger scholars in gaining better quality of research paper and publication. Future collaboration project and program also being elaborated among participants and Research Synergy Foundation.

The third presenter was Mr. Ardy Maulidy Navastara, he presented his research about “Heritage Funding: Initiating The Crowd-funding For Financing The Gajah Mada Old Town Preservation In Sidoarjo, East Java Indonesia”

2nd presenter was Mr. Moh. Zikky he presented his research about “User Experiences Of Tawaf Virtual Reality Simulator For
Prospective Pilgrims”

The third presenter was Ms. Yiqi Wangliu from Monash University, Australia. She delivered her research about “Do Social Networks Affect Caregivers’ Subjective Well being Equally For Men And Women? An Empirical Test From American Adult Population”

Hopefully with this 5th JIBUMS can give a new knowledge and insights for every participants who attend this international conference. Thank you and see you in the next event!