The 4th Singapore International Conference on Management, Business, Economic and Social Science has been held on 17th of October 2019. The aim of SIMBES conference is to initiate the collaboration between academician, researchers and scholars for exchanging the knowledge, experience and research from all aspects.

The conference begin with a welcoming speech from Ms. Rifi Wijayanti which she also introduce the research synergy foundation to the participant.

The first presenter is Ms. Assoc. Prof. Roberta Sisto, she presents the disability opportunities to has an access in natural areas with title of the paper is  “Improving accessibility for disabled tourists in natural areas: a participatory design of a trademark specification”.

The second presentation is from Ms. Dyah Nirmala Arum Janie, the title of the paper is “ January effect and eid effect in Indonesia stock market”. She talked that in Indonesia the effect of Eid celebration has an effect to the stock market where the effect is almost similar with the end of the year.

Next presentation is about  “The Role of Affective, Normative, and Continuance Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Empirical Study in Three-Starred Hotels in Makassar, South Sulawesi” by Mr. Endo Wijaya Kartika. His presentation is highlighting the culture behavior in facing a commitment that specifically research in Makassar.

Mr. Inot Tony Antonio is the fifth presenter where he present his paper with title “An Examination of Servant Leadership’s Dimensions, Behaviors, and Measurement Scales “.

“The Financial Performance of State Universities and Colleges in Metro Manila: Balanced Scorecard Assisted” is a paper that presented by Ms. Gloria Ardaniel Rante.

Dr. Dyah Nirmala Arum Janie also present her paper entitled “Accounting and Finance Department Employees organizational Citizenship Behavior in Indonesia SMEs”.

And the last presentation is Prof. Yoram Carmeli, he talked about how the late of 20th century British circus was survived in current era. His paper title is “Entrepreneurship and Art: The Case of the British Circus in the late 20th century”.