4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research on Education, Economic studies, Business and Social Science (4th RESBUS) held successfully by the virtual conference. Due to the pandemic and the uncertainties of COVID-19, we decided to move the offline of 4th RESBUS Conference that should be held in Bali to Virtual Conference. The participants are from Indonesia and Kazakstan.

The opening was done by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder and Chairman of Research Synergy Foundation to introduce about Global Network Ecosystem.

After that, the main agenda was run with Dr. Pramesswara Anggahegari as Conference Chair.

The first presenter started by Mr. Darsono Nababan with research entitled “The Effect Of Leverage And Profitability On Stock Prices In The Mining Sector Registered In Indonesia Stock Exchange”

The second presenter was Mr. Nafan Tarihoran with research entitled “Using Facebook Group As A Blended Learning Medium In Teaching Cross-cultural Understanding In Islamic Higher Education”

The third presenter was Mrs. Yuliana with research entitled “Optimizing Learning Capacity by Understanding Dynamic of Myelination and Brain Plasticity”

The fourth presenter was Mr. Toebagus Galang Windi Pratama with research entitled “The Effectiveness Of The E-court Management System In Semarang District Court”

The fifth presenter was Mrs. Noer Aisyah Barlian with research entitled “Innovation Culture And Performance In Govermental Environment”

The sixth presenter was Dr. Kartina Sury with research entitled “Qualifying Brand Preference in Customer Decision-Making Process: A qualitative study of Indonesia Life Insurance’s Customer Path to Purchase”

The last presenter was Mrs. Samal Kokeyeva with research entitled “Capital Structure and Firm Performance: Evidence from Small Business Companies”

All the session was running well. They gave their feedback and opinions regarding the participant’s presentation with excitement. Hopefully, with this virtual conference, we can still have an opportunity to share knowledge and get a new insight for each other.