18 – 19 November 2019, 4th Japan International Business and Management Research Conference (4th JIBM) was held in Tokyo, Japan. In each year, the JIBM is held by the Research Synergy Foundation and is currently the fourth. This regular conference was attended by researchers from several countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China. This conference was exciting in sharing knowledge from each researcher. Different inputs and points of view can provide new insights for participants who present their research. This conference opened by Ms. Astri Amanda on behalf of RSF and the 4th JIBM Committee to introducing the Research Synergy Foundation. After that, the participants and the committee took a group photo together before started the presentation.

Group Photo Session with All Participants of 4th JIBM

The first presentation was Mrs. Armiani, She was present about “Knowledge Of Halal Certification Increase Sales Of Food Sector Smes In West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia”.

The second presenter was Mr. Erlambang Budi Darmanto with his research title “East Java Agricultural Sector And Sub-sector Location Quotient Analysis 2010-2017”. His research was located in Indonesia.

The third presentation was Mr. Tripitono Adi Prabowo with his research title “Labor Market Efficiency In Indonesia”.

The fourth presenter was Mr. Abid Muhtarom with research title “Indonesia’s Illegal Manpower In The Improvement Of The Original Household Economy” 

The fifth presenter was Ms. Chui Shan Kong. She was from Hong Kong and bring her research with title “The Role Of Employee Human Resources Attribution On Developing Psychological Contract And Turnover Intention In Hong Kong”

The Sixth presenter was Mr. Ade Manggala Hardianto with his research title “A New Board Of Directors Performance: Accounting Behavior Approach”

The seventh presenter was Mr. Azhar Alam with his research title “Analysis Of Macroeconomic Variables Towards Indonesian Sharia Stock Index (issi) Period October 2013 – September 2017”

The eighth presenter was Ms. Jia Rui Dai. She was sent the video for her presentation to replacing her presence with research title “Investor sentiment and Mispricing Anomalies”

The last presenter was Mrs. Tinik Sugiati with her research title “Product Knowledge, Customer Value and Purchasing Decision”

All presentation session done, they have good discussion each others and got new insights from every participants and audiences.

Hopefully this conference gave a new point of view for the participants and see you in the next event!