3rd Japan International conference on business, management studies, and social science have been held in Listel Hotel Shinjuku, Tokyo, 28 January 2019. There are participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Korea who presenting their paper on several tracks. Such as Business Administration, Management, social science, Economy, Macroeconomy and finance.

In this conference, there are 10 participants who presented their paper. The first speaker comes from Thailand, Mr. Surawat Jantharaophat. He spoke about Knowledge Storage & Retrieval Cop in Thai Call Center.

(Mr. Surawat Jantharaophat)

He said that Management is the key to create a successful Online CoP and setting the direction and Organization culture. The organization should develop the online CoP which is easy to use and able to retrieve the knowledge within a short time. Moreover, the organization should also use extrinsic motivation (rewards) to stimulate the use in short term and long term engagement.

Another topic comes from Mass Hareeza Ali. She was presented about Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Competencies, and SME success; the unanticipated roles of environmental turbulence and government support. She talked about the impression of cultural diversity on the growth of Malaysian SMEs with entrepreneurial competencies and venture success. She found that model entrepreneurial competencies for SMEs business success were beneficial with important elements such as government support and also environmental turbulence.

In the social research track, there is Ms. Paranee Anusonthi who presented her paper. The title was The factors associated to a prevalence of obesity in adolescent, Thailand. She said that obesity can be defined as excessive fat depositions in our body. 151 adolescents age 13-14 years in Thailand were included in the study to evaluate the association between obesity and personal factors. In her paper, she found that the onset of obesity was 72.19%. Most of them were female, age 13 years.  She recommended that health personnel should employ the significant factors to design nursing activities, create health innovation, guideline or home visit which strongly participate between the obese person, families, and community.

During the discussion, participants did not just share their paper but they also gave some comments or suggestion to other paper. At the end of this session, we close the conference with a photo session and having lunch together.

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