On March 05, 2018, RSF had successfully organized International Conference in Seoul, South Korea. It was called as Korean International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business Studies (KIBSS). The conferences started with keynote speaker’s presentation from Daniel Keleber M.A., M.Sc, M.A., B.A. He discussed the very insightful topic on Creative and Design Thinking.

All participants came from the varies multidisciplinary research fields. During the conference, all participants expressed their enthusiasm to discuss and share their current interests. They also attempted to develop the stronger the connections by exchanging personal information each others.

At general, all participants had positive impressions for attending the event. They also  wished that  it would be a  promising field for scholars and researchers who need to be a key agent in society.


The book of conference proceeding with ISBN can be seen in the conference website by clicking the image below.