Japan International Business and Management Research Conference was held successfully on March 29, 2018 in Tokyo. The conference started with invited speaker’s presentation by Vinay Chamoli, Ph.D, CHE from Maharaja Agrasen University, India. He had discussed the recent topic on Hospitality Management in Global Competitiveness. The audience pay attention to his presentation and discuss particularly in the difficulty of achieving the competitiveness for tourism and its potency for the country’s economic development.

Next, Prof. Yau-De Wang open the presentation session and make sure all delegates present their paper and have great discussion and feedback. There are presenters from India, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

All participants really pay attention to all session from beginning until finish.

Prof. Omkumar Krishnan had shared his research about measuring Brand Personality of Technical Education Institutions in Emerging Economy context. He state that to make good brand image, we can start by building the brand identity itself. Hence, it will improve the organization image also.

Ms. Busarin Arunchit had presented her research work about Exploring Socio-emotional Wealth (SEW) that Affecting Family Firm Performance using Interpretive Structural Modeling. She conduct the qualitative methodology research with supporting tool called ISM and MICMAC analysis.

Ms. Thariga Pholloke had presented research paper about Interpretive Structural Modeling of Human Resource Management Practices (HRMP) Affecting Employee Retention. She use the qualitative approach by using the ISM and and MICMAC analysis tools to get the result.

Ms. Methaya Imerb had presented her paper about Interpretive Structural Modeling of Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Engagement in Hotel Industry in Thailand. Qualitative approach with ISM and MICMAC analysis were used in her study.

Mr. Jirawat Wongthongchai had shared his research in terms of The Application of Interpretive Structural Modeling Technique (ISM) to Study Adopting model of Green Supply Chain Management in Thailand. Qualitative methodology supported by ISM and MICMAC analysis also applied to build the result.

Prof. Yau-De Wang had shared shared his research about Abusive Supervision and Employee Workflow.

Mrs. Seniwati had presented her research paper about Effects of Traditional Food Kapurung Preservation on The Empowerment of Women in North Luwu District, Indonesia.

Mr. Muhammad Akbar had accomplished his virtual presentation about Communication Audit Techniques of Planning Strategies Plan Government of Makassar City.

Mr. Suparman had presented his research about Social Capital “Trust” Etnis Bugis-Makassar.

Prof. Andi Gau Kadir had shared his research about Parochial Political Culture on the Maritime Society: Studies of Political Culture of Elections in Selayar Islands.
Discussion session were running very productive and effective, each participants had shared their knowledge and give insight to each other.

The cooperative atmosphere is really in the air and all delegates are happy and enjoy the event. Knowledge sharing and learning forum environment had created among countries and we all ready to give more contribution to others.

See you in the next JIBM!

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