The International Conference on Entrepreneurship Studies, Business, Economy, and Management Science (ESBEM) was well executed and exciting on July 2-3, 2018 in Singapore.

This conference was presented by several scholars from various countries such as Poland, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and also Taiwan. Not only present a paper that has been made by scholars, at this conference, there is a good discussion among participants.

The first presenter is Prof. Piotr Zbigniew Maśloch from Poland. He presented his research entitled The Management of the Dysfunctional States and Global Challenges of the 21st Century.

Besides oral presentation, Ms. Chialee Yang shared her research on the relationship between gender differences and the environmental hazard using poster presentation.

Ms. Merlinawati Christiawan presented her research on Identify Consumer’s Characters of Generation Z and Propose Business Model for Visual, Art, and Design Course Service. She used SEM-PLS for data processing in order to get the results.

Dr. Leo Aldianto brings research on City Branding vs. Cultural Branding: Towards a Theoretical Understanding of Developing Bandung Identity.

The last presenter was Dr. Thanh Huynh who presented his research on The Impact of Dynamic Capabilities Advantage and Performance: An Empirical Study from the Gender Perspective of Management Teams.

Presentations and discussions session went well and fun. Hopefully, we will be able to meet again at another opportunity.

See you!

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