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Santi Rahmawati, S.T., M.S.M.

Santi Rahmawati, S.T., M.S.M.

Santi Rahmawati, S.T., M.S.M.

ID ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9661-7923 

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Santi is a Founder and Global Network Operation Director of the Research Synergy Foundation and Director of Scholarvein. She actively engaged with scholars around the world for strengthening the Global Research Ecosystem. As the Director of Scholarvein, She creates,

maintains, and develops the integrated system for managing international scientific conferences and forums since 2017 up to present and already gives benefit to more than 8.448 participants coming from >85 countries. With the combination of engineering and management science educational background, she has built the optimum workflow for scholars to contribute more to the society and humanities.

Santi received her Master of Science Management (focusing on Entrepreneurship and Technology Management) from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 2015. Santi worked for several years as a Research Assistant and later as the Associate Director of the Centre for Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). In her roles Santi helped lead the centre’s Micro-Enterprise Development project, designed to support economic development throughout West Java Indonesia through the provision of entrepreneurship capability development.

She also collaborates with ITB and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, on a project that focuses on how Information Technology start-ups acquire finance support in developing economies. Santi has been appointed as a Gateway Advisor in F1000Research (Scopus Q1) and Open Access Advisor Taylor & Francis Group. She has already been an editor of two published books (both published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis), a reviewer in several reputable international journals, an author and co-authored multiple research articles and book chapters. Santi also serves as the Managing Editor for five international journals: Journal of Social Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (JSETP), International Journal of Research in STEM Education (IJRSE), Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Creative Economy (IJEBCE), International Journal of Emerging Issues in Islamic Studies (IJEIIS), International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Studies (IJEASS).

She has a strong passion for understanding how entrepreneurship can be a source of sustainable economic development for communities. She has a strong conceptual mind and can astutely understand how to apply theory to understand complex patterns of data. Outside her research experience, she also has substantial working experience in multinational automotive industries for seven years.

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