Hot off the press!! 🥇🥈🥉The three winners are:

🥇Grand Prize Winner
MAMAGOT from Indonesia
He presented an innovative solution “addressing waste” through a closed loop organic solution.

The founders will receive USD 500 to help them scale further their operations and make a greatest impact.

🥈 Second place goes to Farmbid from Malaysia who provided solutions towards transparency in the supply chain.

🥉 Third place goes to Trellus in Australia! The female co-founders provide an educational platform and revolutionise education for low socio-economic background!

Once again KUDOS to our global change-makers paving the way to a fairer system and a purpose driven economy! #SEChallenge2021



The social entrepreneur is a visionary individual, whose main objective is to create social value, and at the same time to detect and exploit opportunities, to leverage resources necessary to his/her social mission and to find innovative solutions to social problems of his/her community that are not properly met by the local system.


Social Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, evaluating and exploiting opportunities aiming at social value creation by means of commercial, market-based activities and of the use of a wide range of resources.


Creativity is about unleashing the potential of the mind to create new ideas.


Innovation is about introducing change into relatively stable systems.


The social entrepreneurship virtual innovation challenge is developed by the Research Synergy Foundation (RSF), Prokompas, UCB Education Program in Indonesia and Macquarie University PACE students in Australia. Together we invite students from various academic institutions to present their ideas to wicked problems (e.g., access to clean drinking water, equality, marine life, deforestation).  


Great news!

We have now 12 social entrepreneurs who submitted their solutions to wicked problems!
From the 12 we will select three Winners!
Our participants come from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates!
Our social entrepreneurs presented solutions to mental health, safety, agriculture, primary education for low socioeconomic backgrounds among many others!

Competition Guidelines


A social entrepreneur is defined as a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or affecting social change. In the face of coronavirus, among many other global challenges, social entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever to address societal issues. 


You can submit your idea proposed or program that already run in the context of social entrepreneurship.

  • Entry Deadline for application is on Friday the 2nd of April 2021.
  • Selected finalists will be announced on Friday the 9th of April 2021.
  • The virtual pitching competition is on Monday the 12th of April 2021 at 10:00 AM UTC+7 time. 


(1) Register via the ‘SUBMIT YOUR IDEA/PROGRAM HERE button, and submit your link of 3-minutes video. You can upload to TikTok or Youtube or other media to tell us why you ‘care’ and use hashtag #ResearchSynergy #UCBEducation #Prokompas and #SECHALLENGE2021

(2) Submit your POSTER to illustrate and present your idea/concept/program for creating social impact – Consist of idea/program in PDF file. Consist of: Idea Background – WHY; Idea Description – WHAT; Solution – HOW TO DO IT & WHEN (planning / already executed), Expected contribution/ impact to society – WHO are the beneficiaries.


Entrants must submit a description of their concept/idea (250 words max), a POSTER, and link of 3-minutes VIDEO.


There will be a Grand Prize Winner, First Runner-Up, Second Runner-Up and People’s Choice Award Winner.


17 to 25-year-old students from Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Australia, Spain, Poland, and UAE (outside the 14 countries, can contact the committee first). Selected finalists can pitch their solutions to social, environmental, cultural, and economic problems.    


Creativity (45%), Storytelling (10%), Innovation (40%), Special Category: Refer to one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in your concept (5%).


  • USD 500,
  • E-Certificate,
  • 3-weeks intensive e-course on social entrepreneurship and access to impact investors,
  • A voucher to participate in the international conference.
  • You will also receive a full day (free) eco-cycling tour in Bali by UCB (drop-off, pick up, lunch included and free tea and coffee samples).   


Selected finalists will have the opportunity to learn more about social entrepreneurship, and be equipped with investment readiness support and tailored 3-weeks e-mentorship to help them scale their solutions.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: We will be casting your TikTok videos publicly on our website and social media channels to allow everyone to take part in voting for their favourite social solution. Each student who creates a short TikTok video telling us why you care will receive (1) Voucher for attending the Virtual International Conference by RSF, and (2) Voucher of AUD $15 towards an eco-cycling tour in Bali by UCB. 

Our Facilitators

  • Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih
  • Santi Rahmawati
  • Joanna Vogeley
  • Ani Wahyu Rachmawati

Take Action
Because You Can

You can change the world — if you just give yourself permission. The biggest barrier by far to having all the satisfaction in life of being an effective social entrepreneur is paying attention to all the many people who will tell you: “You can’t…” (Kickul & Lyons, 2016, p. xxiv) 


Entry Deadline for application: 2nd of April 2021.


Announcement of selected Finalists – (online presentation): 9th of April 2021.

Virtual Idea Presentation from Selected Finalists due: 12th of April 2021 at 10:00 am Jakarta time.


Announcement of Three Finalists & Awards Ceremony: 16th of April 2021.

Finalist 1: USD 500 & e-Certificate, 3-weeks intensive e-course on social entrepreneurship, a voucher to participate in the international conference. You will also receive a full day (free) eco-cycling tour in Bali by UCB (drop-off, pick up, lunch included and free tea and coffee samples).

Finalist 2 and 3:   e-Certificate, 3-weeks intensive e-course on social entrepreneurship, a voucher to participate in the international conference. You will also receive a full day (free) eco-cycling tour in Bali by UCB (drop-off, pick up, lunch included and free tea and coffee samples).

Get Your Voucher

All participants are invited to create a short TikTok video with their pitching idea to receive:
1. Voucher for attending the Virtual International Conference by Research Synergy Foundation (RSF).
2. Voucher AUD $15 towards a full day eco-cycling tour in Bali by Ubud Cycling Bike (UCB).
Your voucher will not expire, and you can use it post COVID-19. Just tag #ResearchSynergy #UCBEducation #Prokompas and #SECHALLENGE2021


Learn more about the Global Research Ecosystem by RSF here!

Learn more about your eco-cycling tour here! 

Take Action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Collaborators

Research Synergy Foundation

Research Synergy Foundation (RSF) is a digital social enterprise platform that focuses on developing a sustainable research ecosystem enabling actors to contribute to scientific knowledge.  RSF also connects global research community and generates new knowledge across various academic fields. 

UCB Education

UCB Education is a program developed by Ubud Cycling Bike, a social enterprise in Bali. UCB Education designs courses on social entrepreneurship. We believe in blended value creation, that is social, environmental, cultural and economic. By joining our eco-cycling tours you are enabling social tourism as you directly help us create a positive social change in the Tampaksiring community. UCB Education invests in education, sanitation and female empowerment  through cycling.


Prokompas is an Australian/Indonesian social enterprise bringing education to life through courses on social entrepreneurship.  

We offer a semester experience in Bali. We believe that hands-on experience is key to recognising wicked problems such as deforestation, marine life or access to clean drinking water among others. Our study programs provide exciting three weeks placement with Udayana University in Bali.    This study program will provide an exciting, while safe opportunity for you to share your knowledge with people working and living in the field, find your purpose in the world and generate a social and environmental impact.

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