International Conference

Aims to create “tipping point” of opportunities for researchers to create research collaboration, mutual promotion and synergy to help each other to spread knowledge more equal

Research Enhancement

This program is to enhance the author capability in scientific writing and also will facilitate to all participants and university affiliation for gaining process toward good quality in their publication

Community Service

This program is one of our main programs as Social Enterprise, in which we have a social motive to create social value and empower others

International Publication

Serves publication platform for indexed international journal, such as: E-Journal Management & Maintenance.

Research Collaboration

Research & Collaboration with Institution of Education, research center, Private and Government.

Knowledge Sharing & Learning

Gathering Scholar, researcher, author etc on scientific forum such as conference, Master and Doctoral Forum, or global research forum

  1. International Conference
  2. Master and Doctoral Forum
  3. Global Research Forum

Skill Development Program

Enhancing & Creating author, researcher, scholar both hard & soft skill program

Social & Communities Impact Program

Giving program that help the community that will make wider impact for the community

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