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Many organizations held international conferences or scientific forums as a medium for researchers to present their work. Based on our research, some of them did not maintain scientific and ethical processes. Publication output of the scientific forum, one of the problems they usually deal with, is the leak of manuscript data. Probable predatory journals (journals that charge a huge amount of money for publishing with no ethical process) often offer researchers to publish. Researchers who are not aware will take the (predatory) opportunities and become the object of these publishers. However, these problems are not only happening in a specific country.

We are highly aware of it where we see researcher as the subject that can be empowered.

The fact that there are huge gaps with the notable publisher that need original writing with novel researchers has become one of the issues that we also need to address.


Scientific Forum

Aims to create a “tipping point” of opportunities for researchers to develop research collaboration, mutual promotion, and synergy to help each other to spread knowledge more equal. This Program is integrated with SCHOLARVEIN and REVIEWERTRACK.


Research Capacity Enhancement

This program is to enhance the author capability in scientific writing and also facilitate all participants and university affiliation for gaining process toward good quality in their publication. This program is integrated with RSI (Research Synergy Institute).


International Publication

Managing International Journal towards reputable Indexing such as Scopus/ WOS Index. Help universities/ associations to have their own reputable international indexed journals and help individuals to publish their research in our publication platform. This Program is integrated with RSF PRESS. 


Scientific Process

Upholding the scientific process in every forums that we held is the main key. Under the REVIEWERTRACK as the platform to connect reviewers all over the world and synergize for academician, scholar, and professional with diverse background of field studies and expertise. Reviewer Track also designated as a platform to provide recognition for reviewers.


Research Collaboration & Partnership

Connecting research’s stakeholders: university, association, editors, peers, publisher, indexer, etc to have wider collaboration and synergy among them. 


Community Service Program

We also provide several programs as our CSR, for example: Conference Grants for students that comes from RSF university partner, Zero budget in managing the conference, support program for local journal to get more papers, national and international service program.

we are part of the family. all the way through.

we welcome all individuals, organizations/institutions (universities, governments, and private sectors) to be part of our research ecosystem.

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