2019 Thailand Halal Assembly event that combines expo, exhibition, and conference was held amazingly. Thailand is seriously and integrated into advancing the concept of HALAL in its various products (especially Food and Beverage). Because they have felt the country’s economy boosted by seriously working on the Halal industry in various sectors (food, tourism, financial). True Potential and Contribution of Halal Industry was also presented by the former Prime Minister of Thailand (H.E. Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva). Remembering that, the market is also significant for non-Muslim countries.

In this event, the launching of the “Thailand Diamond Halal” concept carried by Prof. Winai Dahlan and the team in integrating all related stakeholders. There are 8 phases/stages that make up this Halal Diamond:
1. Halal Standard Enactment & Enforcement.
2. Q Q Halal Standardization.
3. Halal Forensic Science Laboratory.
4. Halal Ingredients & Products Innovations.
5. H-Number Tabulations.
6. HAL Plus Integrated Platform.
7. SPHERE Platform.
8. Halal Blockchain.

Our RSF’s Founder & Director of Global Network and Operation, Santi Rahmawati, MSM., had an opportunity to share and introduce about Global Research Ecosystem in this event.

Glad and feeling grateful for being part of this prestigious event. Indonesia YES WE ARE must learn a lot and make maximum efforts to solve the halal problems that exist today. Well, wait for OUR REAL STEPS / ACTION in contributing to the Halal industry and related stakeholders (including academicians of courses). Ready to Collaborate with Government, Industry, Academics, Society / Community.