Knowledge Sharing & Learning

International Conference, Master and Doctoral Forum, and Global Research Forum


By having experiences in collaboration global projects, we have been facilitating scholars, practitioners, and scientist to be able to share and expand their ideas and researches. This initiation is our commitment to continuously take a lesson learned from countries in around the world in dealing with the latent and manifest social problem faced by society in local and global level. The sharing and learning process from across interdisciplinary fields are also addressed to be important contribution for always finding the better formula of social life that is without any discrimination based on gender, race, religion, disability, age, and color.


1. International Conference

The International Conference event organized by the Research Synergy Foundation aims to create “tipping point” of opportunities for researchers from developed countries and developing countries to create collaboration, mutual promotion and synergy to help each other to spread knowledge more equal. Therefore the international conference is using scientific principles that should be accounted for starting from the review process by researchers with related disciplines, the implementation of organized conferences and supported the latest IT technology to the publication process that has the outcome of conference proceeding indexed and affiliated journal International indexed by SCOPUS, ISI/THOMSON REUTERS, DOAJ, EBSCO, GOOGLE SCHOLAR, COPERNICUS, DIKTI and many more. Currently, the coverage of the knowledge area that RSF take is in the areas of Business, Management, Economic, Social Science and Humanities. Now we have affiliation with more than 20 international indexed journals who are partners in scientific publications. With the network support, we hope this program can run well and achieve the goals that have been designed.


2. Master and Doctoral Forum

Initiative program that reach Master and Doctoral students in order to have global insights on research and scientific study. This forum aims to empower researchers who are studying both S2 (Master degree) and S3 (Doctoral degree) to get ideas or information about the research both in terms of literature, access to discussions from Professors or experts as well as research collaboration opportunities (Thesis or dissertation).


3. Global Research Forum

This forum is a continuation program of the International Conference organized by the Research Synergy Foundation globally. The program aims to facilitate researchers from developing countries and others to have global level research, communication and collaboration.