A remarkable event has occurred!

International Conference on Post-Pandemic Society (ICPPS) – was an outstanding event held on November 10, 2021. This International Conference by Research Synergy Foundation was held virtually. This platform increased knowledge among researchers found ideas for further research, and found new research and collaboration opportunities.

This event was successfully held virtually, and the conference was held in one day. Participants and audiences who attended came from various countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand  and Germany.

ICPPS 2021

All researchers, scholars, and colleagues participated in the discussions and exchanged ideas at the scientific conference. This conference theme is to explore governance post-pandemic society.

In this conference, we discuss and shares research on Philosophy, Psychology, International Relation, Communication, Islamic Studies, Information Technology, Art & Design, Management, Education and Political Studies

Then, the conference opened with a welcome address by Mrs. Santi Rahmawati as MC.

Mrs. Santi Rahmawati

Next event by Dr. Aan Rukmana, as the Conference Chair of ICPPS 2021, was giving welcome remarks and reports from the committee. He hoped that this event could bring a better research ecosystem and the opportunity to strengthen medical research.

Dr. Aan Rukmana – Conference Chair of the ICPPS 2021

Followed by an opening speech from Dr. Fatchiah E. Kertamuda, M.Sc. as a Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Universitas Paramadina, Indonesia. He hoped that this forum could disseminate information to increase knowledge and hopefully open various collaborations in domestic and multiple institutions worldwide.

Dr. Fatchiah E. Kertamuda, M.Sc. as a Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Paramadina University

The next session was Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder & Chairperson of Research Synergy Foundation and Co-Conference Chair of ICPPS, continuing the introduction to the research synergy ecosystem. Her explanatory presentation gave informative information on participating in a global research forum. It delivered informative descriptions for lecturers, researchers, students, scholars, and academics, participating in global research forums, organizing international journal publications, and other updated information.

Keynote Speaker Session 1

The First keynote speaker session from Prof. Dr. Didik J. Rachbini as a Rector of Paramadina University. His speech is about how revolutionary changes in IT technology happened massively throughout the pandemic Covid-19.  This situation encourages various sectors to rely on and switch to easy-to-use and attainable technology, such as an economy that changes from traditional traits to e-commerce traits. E-Commerce is also killing traditional economic traits because of the new technology emerging and changing the old ones. 

This mechanism is directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and it also changes social life and education systems worldwide. In the future, we will live in a post-pandemic situation that might be very different from now on, while demographics also change in Indonesia and other developed countries. He hopes that this will serve as a bridge for the government to carry out future policies post-pandemic.

Prof. Dr. Didik J. Rachbini – Keynote Speaker ICPPS 2021 Conference

Keynote Speaker Session 2

The next keynote speaker session from Professor SR Dr Md, Yusof Hamid,AMP as a Rector of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Perak Branch, Malaysia. This session is about implementing responses and adjustment to the pandemic crisis from the higher education and facilities management perspective that was implemented at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).  

Professor SR Dr Md, Yusof Hamid,AMP – Keynote Speaker ICPPS 2021

Keynote Speaker Session 3

The next keynote speaker session from Prof. Dr. Kim Lim Tan Assistant Professor, BNU-HKBU United International College Lecturer, University of Newcastle, Singapore. His speech was about how pandemic affected an organization, and how it is to be like an organization living in the post-pandemic era.  It’s important that organizations have a vision for the pandemic era, and how it’s affected us as an organization in the post-pandemic era. Many aspects changed during pandemic Covid-19, such as the office working system, educational system, economic system. 

So it’s important for organizations to change how to manage companies, employees, and systems to adapt with emergency situations like pandemic today. First HR dilemmas are to manage the fine line between ‘human’ expectations and ‘capital’ goals, and Second is disruptions in the business environment that demand disruptive innovation in human capital practices, so are we changing fast enough with the new environment is important to acknowledge. Third is data bias: best practices are not good enough and many human capital best practices have neither stood the test of time nor brought the intended (positive) outcomes for organizations. Fourth is changing in work, workforce and workplace dissonance in the workplace as employees face high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity due to disruptive and discontinuous change. 

The answer to that problem is this 4 DNA. The First is ambidexterity, so they need to know what they are doing and what they want to do next. The Second is agility, the companies have to make sure to make the best practices that are needed for this rapidly changing environment. The Third is appreciate the inquiry to ask questions that focus on positive emotions to unleash the potential of human capital. The Fourth is authenticity, the ability to balance development, inclusion, communication, and engagement practices authentically to meet the needs of changing work, workforce and workplace. 


Prof. Dr. Kim Lim Tan Assistant Professor – Keynote Speaker ICPPS 2021

Online Presentation

The next session was an Online Presentation through 4 breakout rooms and moderated by 4 Session Chairs. They are the one who lead presenters when presenting their papers and their backgrounds are from various universities in the world. In Breakout Room 1: Dr. Sharifah Nurafizah Syed Annuar from Universiti Teknologi MARA Sabah Branch, Malaysia. Breakout Room 2: Assistant Professor Dr. Aunkrisa Sangchumnong from Suan Dusit University, Thailand. Breakout Room 3: Dr. Silvia Catalan Ambag from Quezon City University, Philippines. Breakout Room 4: Mr. TO Loeurt from Dewey International University, Cambodia. Each breakout room consists of 7 to 8 participants.


Breakout Room 1: Dr. Sharifah Nurafizah Syed Annuar – Universiti Teknologi MARA Sabah Branch, Malaysia 

Breakout Room 2: Assistant Professor Dr. Aunkrisa Sangchumnong – Suan Dusit University, Thailand 

Breakout Room 3: Dr. Silvia Catalan Ambag – Quezon City University, Philippines

Breakout Room 4: Mr. TO Loeurt – Dewey International University, Cambodia

The discussion was very intriguing, and essential questions are looming. All of the presenters presented the results of their research with great enthusiasm. They share the knowledge from a result of research to improve knowledge. As well as getting scientific feedback from the session chair and audience/attendee with a Q&A session. Through this virtual conference, we still have an opportunity to share knowledge, develop knowledge together, and get a new insight for each other.

The last session of the conference, awarding certificates to the best presenter. This selection is given based on the assessment of the session chair in charge of presentation sessions.

The Best Presentation – International Conference on Post-Pandemic Society (ICPPS 2021) is: 

Author: Sunaryo

Paper ID: CPS10123

Paper Title: “Sen and Nussbaum’s Concept of Capability in Understanding Quality of Life: An Approach to Analyse and Improve People’s Life After Pandemic”

Author: Iin Mayasari

Paper ID: CPS10117

Paper Title: “The Influence of E-Work Life on Organizational Commitment”

Author: Dr. Anita Maharani

Paper ID: CPS10125

Paper Title: “Finding Faculty Dissastifaction Through Incivility, Commitment and Being Engage”

Author: Agoes Joesoef

Paper ID: CPS10115

Paper Title: “Premium Mask Design as a Rengganis Fashion Brand Strategy in Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic Era”

The Best Paper– International Conference on Post-Pandemic Society (ICPPS 2021) is: 

Author: Naila M Tazkiyyah & M Iffan Fanani

Paper ID: CPS10119

Paper Title: “Islamic Perspective of Education on Financial Literacy for Children”

Author: Ayu Sulistya Putri Sugeng & Juni Alfiah Chusjairi, PhD.

Paper ID: CPS10107

Paper Title: “Life After Pandemic – Digital Marketing Trough Instagram Ads”

At the end of day 1, closing speech was given by Dr. Handi Risza Idris, SE, M.Ec. as a Vice Rector for Resource Management, Universitas Paramadina. 

Dr. Handi Risza Idris, SE, M.Ec. – Closing Speech

ICPPS 2021 congress was held successfully in just one day.

With this virtual meeting, it is hoped that all participants will gain valuable knowledge, and collaboration will be formed to continue research so that it is more developed. Even though the pandemic still exists, this does not discourage us from researching and sharing knowledge globally from all participants in various countries. The ICPPS 2021 conference is held as an ecosystem of scientific meetings following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

See you on the next agenda!

Conference Website link: https://paramadinaconference.com/

Watch ICPPS 2021 Conference here: https://bit.ly/Documentation_ICPPS

The abstract conference proceeding book with ISBN can be seen in the conference website https://paramadinaconference.com/ or click the image below.