Melbourne, a capital city of Victoria, was a fabulous and modern venue for The International Conference and Global Forum on Multidisciplinary Research towards Social Value Creation.  The conference was held on 29 October 2018 in collaboration with Research Synergy Foundation and Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM). This conference was attended by the researchers from different parts of Indonesia.

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih, the founder of Research Synergy Foundation (RSF) opened her speech by explaining what RSF is and what had been achieved by this foundation. As an organization concerning in the development of research quality and the international publication of Indonesian researchers, it has collaborated with universities and given the workshops of the research process and journal publication process. RSF also accommodated qualified papers to be published by reputable publishers such as Tailor and Francis and Springers. Not only that, but RSF also facilitated young scholars to elevate their abilities to be researchers. This organization was expected to grow bigger by connecting more academia as well as reputable publishers.

The second speech was Professor Sutarto Hadi, the rector of Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM). In his presentation, he explained how ULM has progressed well not only in the number of the majors but also the accreditation of them. He was spirited that ULM would move forward and bring the positive impacts on both academic and industry.

Another keynote speaker was Dr. Mali Abdollahain, the senior lecturer at School of Science, RMIT University. She was an expert in statistical quality control and quality assurance. During the presentation, she explained the mortality rate in South Sudan. Socioeconomic factors, macroeconomic factors, and physiological factors impact the problem. As one of concern of Millennium Development Goals, improving maternal health and reducing maternal mortality should be considered seriously.

The last keynote speaker in the opening ceremony was Professor Ahmad Rozelan Yunus, a professor of University Teknikal Malaysia. He urged the importance of acknowledging the multiple intelligences and talents of young people. The admission in the bachelor degree should accommodate their talents in order to achieve better performance and achievement. He also interestingly engaged the audiences by self-checking the gestures and the tendency of using the right or the left brain.

The conference was more special because there were two Memorandum of Understand (MoU): The first MoU was between Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Administrasi dan Manajemen Kepelabuhan (STIAMAK) Barunawati Surabaya – Indonesia and Research Synergy Foundation, the second MoU was between STIAMAK Barunawati Surabaya and Universitas Lambung Mangkurat. In signing the Mou, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih became the representative of RSF, Drs. Iwan Sabatini, Msi represented STIAMAK Bunawati, while Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM) was represented by Professor Sutarto Hadi.

As the opening ceremony ended, the participants had lunchtime and prayer. It is then followed by the parallel sessions. The scopes of the presentations varied from education, politics, economics, socials, and cultures. The participants also had questions and answers session as the follow-up and responses of their researches.

After participants presented their papers, the closing ceremony was conducted with brief writing journal workshop by Dr. Ismi Rajiani, an advisory board of Research Synergy Foundation, The motivational closing speech by Professor Sutarto Hadi, best papers and best presentation awards, and photo session. Overall, the conference went smoothly and both participants and coordinators enjoyed the event.

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