July, 25 (Thursday), Research Synergy Foundation was held an International Conference on Islamic and Social Studies 2019 in Osaka, Japan. The aim of Conference is to bring together leading academician, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Islamic Education Studies and Social Science. we started a conference with welcoming speech and acquaint Research Synergy foundation by Mr. Febrialdy Hendratawan.


In this conference, we have five presenters and two attendant. Start from Malaysia, Rahayu Abdul Rahman from Universiti Teknologi Mara.

“Does Shariah Governance Limits Earnings Decrease and Loss Manipulation” is the title of her research.  She said that there is a significant and negative relationship between Shariah and income-increasing discretionary accruals. The results indicate that managers of Shariah firms are less likely to use income-increasing discretionary accruals to reverse an earnings decline.

The second comes from Taiwan, Mr. Jen-Chien Lin, Ph.D. Candidate of Graduate Institute Of Religious Studies-NCC.

He talked about Christian-Muslim Dialogue Perspectives of ‘‘The Muslim View of Christology” and ”To Be a European Muslim”. He said that he want to compare the concepts of ”The Muslim View of Christology” and ”To Be a European Muslim”, as well as to understand the meaning and contextualization of the dialogue between the Shi’i and the Sunni with in the Christian-Muslim dialogue, in order to seek a new dimension of religious dialogue. By doing this research he find ”the Muslim View of Christology”, as a blessing, as a sign of God’s abundant generosity in the phenomenon of diversity. The idea that ”To Be a European Muslim” is an Islamic worldview is a trend that is universal and rooted in the land. Christian-Muslim dialogue dialogue on these two topics is a very indicative key and can contribute to peace in this world.

The third presenter comes from another track that is development studies. Ms. Ika K Idris.

She analyzed a documenter movie “Sexy Killer” With her research title It’s the environment, stupid!  A documentary movie on coal mining in Indonesian titled andquot;The sexy killersandquot; was published in April 2019, during the presidential campaign. The movie showed the impact on coal mining to Indonesia environment and people who lived around the mining areas. Besides, it revealed the networks of business owners and politician who involved and have stokes in the coal mining company. Until May 2019, the movie had 22,8 million views and 100,000 comments.

The forth presenter was Mr. Sunaryo from Paramadina University. He presented a Calculating Natural Resource Policy Through Capability Approach. In this research he want to show the significant of peoples life in calculating natural resource policy. He said that Policy of natural resource mining to upgrade GDP of country is serious problem. The government just see the benefit of GDP instead of quality of life of people. Through capability approach, I will show the significant of quality of life in calculating natural resource policy.

The last presentation was from Ms. Amalia Hasanah about Idiosyncrasies: Study on Madrassa near the Musi River, South Sumatra. Indonesia. In this research she want to find out what idiosyncrasies could be found in the Madrassa. The idiosyncrasies were based on the location, the perception of the parents on madrassa education, and the perception of the parents about affordable education.


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