A remarkable event has occurred!

The International Conference on Governance Risk management and Compliance (ICGRC) – was an outstanding event held on November 22, 2021. This International Conference by Research Synergy Foundation, Crisis for Risk Management and Sustainability (CRMS), Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA) was held virtually. This platform increased knowledge among researchers found ideas for further research, and found new research and collaboration opportunities.

ICGRC 2021

This event was successfully held virtually, and the conference was held in one day. Participants and audiences who attended came from various countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Morocco, North Macedonia, USA, Singapore, Australia, Oman, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

All researchers, scholars, and colleagues participated in the discussions and exchanged ideas at the scientific conference. This conference theme is to integrate GRC and Organization Sustainability on Current and Post-Pandemic Solutions.

In this conference, we discuss and share research on Strategic Management, Risk Management, Information Technology Management, Sustainability, Compliance, Governance, Risk Management, Economics, Organizational Behavior and Accounting. 

Then, the conference opened with a welcome address by Mrs. Ani Wahyu Rachmawati as MC.

Next event by Dr. F. Antonius Alijoyo, S.E., M.M., M.B.A. from Center for Risk Management & Sustainability (CRMS) as Conference Chair of ICGRC was giving welcome remarks and reports from the committee. He hoped that this event could bring a better research ecosystem and the opportunity to strengthen research in the future. 

Dr. F. Antonius Alijoyo, S.E., M.M., M.B.A. – Conference Chair of ICGRC 2021

Followed by an opening speech from Brigita Meylianti Sulungbudi, Ph.D., ASCA., CIPM. as Head of Management Science Department, Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia.

Brigita Meylianti Sulungbudi, Ph.D., ASCA., CIPM. – Opening Speech

The next session was Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder & Chairman of Research Synergy Foundation and Co-Conference Chair of ICGRC, continuing the introduction to the research synergy ecosystem. Her explanatory presentation gave informative information on participating in a global research forum. It delivered informative descriptions for lecturers, researchers, students, scholars, and academics, participating in global research forums, organizing international journal publications, and other updated information.

Keynote Speaker Session 1

The First keynote speaker session from Professor Fahlino F. Sjuib from Woods College of Advancing Studies, Boston College. 

Keynote Speaker Session 2

The next keynote speaker session from Associate Professor Hadrian G. Djajadikerta from Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Online Presentation

The next session was an Online Presentation through 2 breakout rooms and moderated by 2 Session Chairs. They are the one who lead presenters when presenting their papers and their backgrounds are from various universities in the world. In Breakout Room 1 leads by Dr. Leong Choi Meng from Graduate Business School, UCSI University, Malaysia, and Breakout Room 2 leads by Ms. Steffi Yap – Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Each breakout room consists of 7 to 8 participants.

Breakout Room 1: Session Chair: Dr. Leong Choi Meng – Graduate Business School, UCSI University, Malaysia

Dr. Leong Choi Meng – Session Chair of the ICGRC 2021

Breakout Room 2: Session Chair: Ms. Steffi Yap – Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Ms. Steffi Yap – Session Chair of the ICGRC 2021

The discussion was very intriguing, and essential questions are looming. All of the presenters presented the results of their research with great enthusiasm. They share the knowledge from a result of research to improve knowledge. As well as getting scientific feedback from the session chair and audience/attendee with a Q&A session. Through this virtual conference, we still have an opportunity to share knowledge, develop knowledge together, and get a new insight for each other.

Keynote Speaker Session 3

Associate Professor Gadaf Rexhepi from South East European University

Associate Professor Gadaf Rexhepi

Keynote Speaker Session 4

Associate Professor Dr. Teck Chai Lau BSc, MBA, PhD. from UCSI Graduate Business School, Malaysia.

Associate Professor Dr. Teck Chai Lau BSc, MBA, PhD.

The last session of the conference, awarding certificates to the best presenter. This selection is given based on the assessment of the session chair in charge of presentation sessions.

The Best Presentation – International Conference on Post-Pandemic Society (ICGRC 2021) is:

Author: Dr. Arnold Valencia Salcedo
Paper ID: IRC21114
Paper Title: “MSME Business Owners: Determining and Differentiating Their Perceived Quality of Tax Services Rendered by Accounting Firms”

Author: Nitha Pricillia
Paper ID: IRC21110
Paper Title: “Comparison of Indonesian Banking Regulations for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance with ISO Standards”

The Best Paper– International Conference on Post-Pandemic Society (ICGRC 2021) is:

Author: Chintya Shafira M., Ita N. Manurung, Raisa F. Aini, Wytla N. R. Atmaja
Paper ID: IRC21108
Paper Title: “Are the Competency-Based Risk Management Certificate Holders Ready for Change? A Descriptive Study of Readiness for Change”

Author: Aldi Ardilo
Paper ID: IRC21101
Paper Title: “Emotional Intelligence and Risk Leadership on the Effectiveness of ISO 31000 Implementation in Organisation”

At the end of day 1, closing speech was given by Dr. Regina Deti as Head of the Study Center for Management Science from Parahyangan Catholic University

Dr. Regina Deti

ICGRC 2021 congress was held successfully in just one day.

With this virtual meeting, it is hoped that all participants will gain valuable knowledge, and collaboration will be formed to continue research so that it is more developed. Even though the pandemic still exists, this does not discourage us from researching and sharing knowledge globally from all participants in various countries. The ICGRC 2021 conference is held as an ecosystem of scientific meetings following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

See you on the next agenda!

Conference Website link: https://www.icgrc.com/

Watch ICGRC 2021 Conference here: https://bit.ly/Documentation_ICGRC