Research Synergy Foundation (RSF), Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta (UPN YK), and STIE Trisna Negara collaborated in International Conference of Business, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Management (ICBEEM) which successfully held in Yogyakarta, October 9, 2019. The conference which had the theme “Competitive Economy of Business and Environmental Management in Entrepreneurial and Industry 4.0” was held successfully.

The opening opened by singing an Indonesia National Anthem and Mars Bela Negara by all Participants, Speakers, and Committee.

Welcome remarks given by Rector of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta, Dr. M. Irhas effendi, M.Si

Then, welcome remarks from Dr. Ir. Hi. Garaika Hamzah TGM, S.E., M.M., M.Si. as Advisory of STIE Trisna Negara

Next, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder & Chairman of Research Synergy Foundation, and Co-Conference Chair ICBEEM to give Global Research Ecosystem Speech

Continuing with Keynote Speech session to give and share their knowledge to all the participants, invitations, and attendees of ICBEEM 2019. There are two competent speakers who invited in this conference. The first is Prof. Ainun Naim. PhD from General Secretary of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia and the second is Prof. Datuk Dr. Izaidin bin Abdul Majid, Professor in Entrepreneurship, from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia.

Prof. Ainun Naim. PhD from General Secretary of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia

Prof. Datuk Dr. Izaidin bin Abdul Majid, Professor in Entrepreneurship, from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

This session was run very quickly and we already in the end of opening ceremony, and it closed by group photo of all the participants, invitations, speakers, and committees.

Parallel session begun after lunch in the 6 separate rooms. In this session was divided by two parts. The first was presentation session and the second was discussion session.

All the presenters had delivered/ shared their research and work eagerly at the presentation session

Feedback from the session chairs also given to all presenters in order to motivate and encourage them

While the presentation is done by each presenters, there is discus session. The audience can directly ask questions, comments, or give other suggestion regarding presentation

In brief, the participants received feedback from the session chairs and improve their research from the discussion session among participants/ audiences. After the presentations session done, they got the certificate of presentation

Finally in the closing ceremony, it was announced for participants who received the Best Paper and Best Presentation. Best papers were chosen by scientific committee of reviewers who had read the research previously. The Best paper are:

  1. Mr. Chairy / Jhanghiz Syahrivar with research title: “The Role Of Religious Commitment And Conspicuous Consumption In Predicting Compulsive Buying Of Islamic Goods: A Case Study Of Muslim Consumers In Indonesia”

2. Mr. Pribadi Widyatmojo with research title: “The Influence of Work Environment on Job Satisfaction toward Profesional Performance and Non-Professional Performance”

3. Mrs. Helisia Margahana with research title: “Trust, Commitment, Social Conflict, And Satisfaction On The Loyalty Relationships”

4. Mrs. Dyah Sugandini with research title: “The Effect Of Ease Of Use, Usefulness, Trust, Self-efficacy, And Security On Adoption Technology”

In addition, Best Presentations were chosen by the session chair in charge of presentation sessions in each room. They assess each participants presentation based on evaluation form. The Best Presentation are:

  1. Mr. Agus Suryono with research title: “The Determinant Of Student Attendance Discipline In Lectures With Psychological Approach To Formation Of Discipline Character Through Punishment And Motivation (survey On Management Department Students Of The Faculty Of Economics And Business Upn “veteran” Yogyakarta)”
  2. Mrs. Purbudi Wahyuni with research title: “Dual Career Couple”
  3. Mrs. Fida Mirmala Ngraha with research title: “360-degree Feedback Practices: Pure Blood Or Wanna Be? A Review”
  4. Mr. Kardison Lumban Batu with research title: “Green Entrepreneurial Opportunity (geo): A Promising Strategic Anchor Concept Towards Greener Firms’ Value Performance (fvp). An Evidence From Indonesia Large Scale Entreprises”
  5. Mrs. Yuli Dwi Astanti with research title: “Determination Of Roadside Parking Retribution Contract Value Using Fuzzy Sugeno Method”
  6. Hasto Dwi Erianto with research title: “Information Sharing, Supplier Performance, Supplier Trust On Supplier Synergy” 
  7. Mrs. Devy Deliana Putri with research title: “Policy Evaluation On Indonesia Zero Routine Flaring 2030 Policy”
  8. Mrs. Indra Kusumawardhani with research title: “The Effect Of Accrual Quality, Real Earnings Management And Corporate Governance On Credit Rating In Indonesia”
  9. Mr. Daniel Hermawan with research title: “Marketing Innovation In Industry 4.0: Experiential Marketing Practices In The Culinary Industry”
  10. Mr. Sukoco Ari Andreas with research title: “The Effect Of Packaging And Prices On Intention To Buy With The Moderation Of Income And Store Image”
  11. Mrs. Siti Rahmi with research title: “Analysis Of Computerization Accounting Information System Implementation Using Technology Acceptance Model (tam) In Padang Pratama Tax Service Office”
  12. Mrs. Ruth Nattassha with research title: “Actors, Collaboration, And Interaction Mechanisms In Supply Chain For Circular Economy: A Literature Review”
  13. Mrs. Yuni Siswanti with research title: “Probalistic Stock Control”

You can access all documentaries in this link: