The 7th International Conference on on Business, Economy, Management and Social Studies Towards Sustainable Economy (30/8/2021) – was an outstanding event held on August 30, 2021. This International Conference by Research Synergy Foundation was held virtually. All researchers, scholars, and colleagues participated in the discussions and exchanged ideas at the scientific conference. This conference discusses and shares research on Management Science, Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Sustainability Studies, Economy and Social Science.

Participants and audiences who attended came from various countries, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, and India. The event was opened by Mrs. Santi Rahmawati, MSM as Founder & Director of Global Network and Operation of the Research Synergy Foundation.

Next session, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih – Founder & Chairperson of Research Synergy Foundation, introduce Global Research Ecosystem

Online Presentation

This session is the main session of the 7th BEMSS international conference. The session was guided by Dr. Prameshwara Anggahegari from School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung, as the session chair. This presentation is divided into 5 tracks.

Track Management Science

Eric Santos Parilla – Northwestern University

The first presenter is Mr. Eric Santos Parilla with research entitled “Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic to the MSMEs in Ilocos Norte Philippines”

Track Management

Jennifer Herosa Operio – School of Business and Accountancy, Holy Angel University, Philippines

The second presenter is Dr. Jennifer Herosa Operio with research entitled “Practical Leadership: Learning from Great Rulers in History”

Fario Pranadi Prakoso, S.AB. – Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

The third presenter is Mr. Fario Pranadi Prakoso, S.AB. with research entitled “Investment Project of Sekala the Common Place: Should Sekala Open Up a New Outlet?”

Track Tourism and Hospitality

Rovena I. Dellova – Lyceum of the Philippines University

The fourth presenter is Rovena I. Dellova with research entitled “Social Medias’ Effect on Intramuros Tourism Growth as Perceived by National Capital Region Tourists”

Track Sustainability Studies

Paulina Permatasari – Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia

The fifth presenter is Paulina Permatasari with research entitled “Sustainability Reporting Guideline for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)”

Track Social Science

Ma. Shiela T. Vera – Senior High School, Mariano Marcos Mem. High School, Manila, Philippines

The last presenter is Ma. Shiela T. Vera with research entitled “Homeroom Adviser’s Role on School Family Involvement in Senior High School in Manila”

All of the presenters presented the results of their research with great enthusiasm. They share the knowledge from a result of research to improve knowledge. As well as getting scientific feedback from the session chair and audience/attendee with a QnA session. Through this virtual conference, we still have an opportunity to share knowledge, together develop knowledge, and get a new insight for each other.

The abstract proceeding book with ISBN can be seen in the conference website 7th BEMSS or click the image below.

Access to Abstract Conference Proceeding Book with ISBN

The recording of 7th BEMSS can be seen at this link
The documentation of 7th BEMSS here