6th Japan International Business and Management Research Conference (6th JIBM) by Research Synergy Foundation held virtually on November 16, 2020.

The aim of Conference is to bring together leading academician, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all field of Business, Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Management. 

6th JIBM 2020 International Conference shows up as a cutting-edge Business and management Research platform to gather presentations and discussions of recent achievements by leading researchers in academic research.

This conference was attended by participants from various countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, India, China, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Yemen and Palestine.

In the beginning Mrs. Ani Wahyu Rachmawati as Founder and Director of Publication Research Synergy Foundation was introducing Global Research Ecosystem.

Continuing with the speaker keynote session. In this 6th JIBM invited Dr. Jacky Cheah Jun-Hwa from Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Dr. Jacky Cheah Jun-Hwa from Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia. With the topic speech “Glimpse into Complicated & Simplicity Publication Tips”

After the insightful speech from the keynote speaker, then we moved to the presentation session. This presentation was divided by 2 online rooms.

The first room was chaired by Dr. Lim Xin Jean from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

The first presenter was Lee Tzu-ying with research entitled “Group Cohesiveness And Organizational Commitment: Moderated By Transformational Leadership”

The Second presenter was Shih Nien Lee with research entitled “Choice Of Hospital Risk Management Strategy-comparison Between SARS And Covid-19”

The Third presenter was Wen-hua Huang with research entitled “The Interaction Effect Of CSR And Innovation On Firm’s Performance”

The Fourth presenter was Fang Shin Lin with research entitled “Study For The Key Success Factors Of Female Direct Selling”

The Fifth presenter was Kuo-wen Wu with research entitled “How Does Hybrid Project Management Create Value For Telecommunication Industry?”

The Sixth presenter was Austin Kingson with research entitled “Opportunities And Challenges Of Industrialization Of Hydrogen Production From Natural Seawater”

The Seventh presenter was Chen Chao-hsuan with research entitled “Critical Success Factors Of The Intelligentization In Precision Machinery Industry”

The eighth presenter was Huang, Chi-Fen with research entitled “The Study On Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Innovative Behavior”

The ninth presenter was Sheng Ke Lai “Effects Of Construction Elements On Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction”

The tenth presenter was Yung-chih Chen with research entitled “Y Factory Study On Lean Production Management”

In the other room we had Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder and Chairman of Research Synergy Foundation to be the session chair of room 2.

The first presenter was Wang Su Wen with research entitled “Research On Green Supply Chain Management And Enterprise Performance  In Taiwan’s Electronics Industry”

The second presenter was Kun Hsiang Tang with research entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – A Key Factor To An Organization’s Success”

The third presenter was Chia Hua Tsai with research entitled “Establishment Of TWI Work Guidance In The Lean Production Enterprise”

The fourth presenter was Kei-chou Wu with research entitled “Inspiration From An Admiring Role Model – Woo Sun Food Factory

The fifth presenter was Chun-yu Wu Chang with research entitled “From Nonprofit Organization To Social Enterprise – Case Study Of Taiwan Lifeline International”

The sixth presenter was Deasy Arisandy Aruan with research entitled “Efforts To Improve Regional Original Income Of Medan City Through Hotel Taxes”

The seventh presenter was Paterne Micha Mbelangani Mban with research entitled “Brand Embarrassment: Antecedents And Outcomes Variables”

The eighth presenter was Chieh Lun Lin with research entitled “The Effects Of Product Line Prices And Competitors’ Prices On Consumers’ Evaluations Of Reference Price Advertisements

The ninth presenter was Farah Oktafani with research entitled “Social Media Marketing, Electronic Word Of Mouth, And Its Effect On Purchase Decision Process On The Warunk Upnormal Consumer”

In brief, the participants received scientific feedback from the session chair and improve their research from the discussion session among participants/ audiences. Hopefully, with this virtual conference, we can still have an opportunity to share knowledge and get a new insight for each other.