On May 6, 2019 Modul University Dubai, Research Synergy Foundation, and The Centre for Sustainability through Research and Education was successfully conducted “The 3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (IBEMS)” in Modul University Campus, Dubai, UAE. This conference were highly effective for knowledge, research, idea, and work sharing. In total, there were professors, scholars, academics, and students from all over the world including Indonesia, Germany, Finland, Serbia, UK, India, Iran, Ukraina, Uzbekistan, and Kakazakhtan were coming and participating actively.

The event was opened officially by the Conference Chair Prof. Dr. Daniel Marco-Stefan Kleber. He delivered the speech about Creativity and Innovation Management. From the message we can get insight about how important the role of creative thinking in business and management area to enhance the performance and gain competitive value.

Next is the RSF founder and chairman Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih explaining about the role of Research Synergy contribution to the scientific community. By collaborating with RSF, institution/ organization will strengthen their academic value.

Continuing to the morning presentation session, there were seventeen presenters had shared the research. Rebecca Keogh was sharing her research about “Media Representations Of Land Clearing In Northern Queensland: An Ecolinguistic Discourse Analysis”.

Prof. Jeremy Williams explain about “Achieving SDG 5: A Comparative Analysis Of Gender Equality Policies In Rwanda And The United Arab Emirates”.

Ahmed Abusamra share the insight of “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: What Can UAE Learn From Germany?”.

Ahmad Hakimzadeh eagerly presenting his study about “Analysis Of Milestones And Achievements To Increase Sustainability At Expo 2020”.

Iryna Havryliuk clearly presenting her research about “Socio-adaptive Dimension Of Students’ Personal Space”.

Dyah Nirmala Arum Janie presenting paper with title “Village Government Officials’ Understanding of the Village Financial System Indicators: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis”.

Ali Nader Hakimzadeh share his knowledge about “The Importance Of Hip Hop Events And Their Impact On Event Management In Dubai”.

After the break, the Academic President of Modul University Dubai Prof. Dr. Joerg Finsinger give all the participant encouragement through his speech about the knowledge and important about scientific forum like we were doing in IBEMS.

It is an honour for all of us that he can spare his time to greet and motivate us.

Continuing to the afternoon session, Kilm Popov speak about “Factors, Affecting Students’ Decision To Enroll In A University”.

Sarthak Sharma share his research about “The Effects of Hosting Events on Destination Branding: Dubai Expo 2020”.

Alina Beisembayeva was enthusiatically explain about “Children – Centered Business Models In Tourism”.

Cecep Safa’atul Barkah presenting “the Design of tourism product based on literacy in Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia”.

Healthy Nirmalasari explaining about “A Proposed Model of Increasing Entrepreneurial Capacity for Cinta Ratu Village SMEs Business Group through Activation of Penta Helix Collaboration”.

Jamoliddinov Fakriyor and Dr. Jacinta Dsilva were presenting their research about “Investigating The Central Place Theory: A Case Study On Uzbekistan”.

Aswathy Rajan speak about “Economic And Technological Development: A Dynamic Change In Finland”.

Dr. Dyah Nirmala Arum Janie had presented three papers in a row for Business Ethics tracks: (1) Do Personality, Professionalism, And Spirituality Have Impact On Dysfunctional Behavior? (a Case Of Indonesian Accountants), (2) The Difference Effects Between Slow and Fast-Pace In Accompanying Music on The Work Performance, and (3) The Implementation of Indonesian Accounting Standards for Micro, Small and Medium Entities.

In the end of the agenda, there were award and certificate distribution to all participant who already give great contribution during the event.

There were four “Best presenter” for each session that being selected by session chair based on certain criterias in the evaluation form:

  • Ahmad Hakimzadeh: Analysis Of Milestones And Achievements To Increase Sustainability At Expo 2020.

  • Iryna Havryliuk: Socio-adaptive Dimension Of Students’ Personal Space

  • Sarthak Sharma: The Effects of Hosting Events on Destination Branding: Dubai Expo 2020

  • Jamoliddinov Fakriyor: Investigating The Central Place Theory: A Case Study On Uzbekistan


There were two “Best Paper” that selected based on scientific review committe, they are:

  • Ahmed Abusamra: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: What Can UAE Learn From Germany?

  •  Sarthak Sharma: The Effects of Hosting Events on Destination Branding: Dubai Expo 2020

And the final special recognition was given to Prof. Dr. Daniel Marco-Stefan Kleber as the Conference Chair.

In the end, all of us have group photo. Everyone was happy and find the benefits in joining the conference. Thank you and see you again in the next event.


Download Abstract Proceeding Book of 3rd IBEMS