The 3rd International Conference on Business, Economy, Management and Social Studies Towards Sustainable Economy was held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 19, 2019. The conference brought together leading academician, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Business, Economy, Management and Social Studies towards Economy. The conference was opened by Dr. Ginanjar Rahmawan from STEI Surakarta, who delivered welcoming remarks at the opening of the conference. Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as the Founder of Research Synergy Foundations also welcomed all the participants and invited them to develop a positive interaction and share great ideas which are the foundation of the conference.

After that inspiring opening, the technical session was organized in two session and separated by 60 minutes lunch break. Each session comprised eight oral presentations. The first session was chaired by Nathdanai Pratuangboriboon and Moses Jachi, while the second session was chaired by Ginanjar Rahmawan and Elia Ardyan. All participants were delivered an engaging presentation and active participations. Together, they discussed innovation and change to face a rapidly changing business world and modern entrepreneurship.


Ginanjar Rahmawan as a Co-Conference Chair and participants presented about application of entrepreneurial marketing in creative industries in surakarta.

Thomson Sitompul post graduates student from University of Indonesia presented about the analysis of the influence of GDP, FDI, Minimum Weight against employment in Indonesia.

Aunchisa Tanthima and her research partner presented the paper titled the relationship between types of Auditors and Earning Management: Empirical  Evidence from Companies in the Agro-Industry and Food Industry, The Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Nathdanai Pratuangboriboon and his colleague presented the paper titled Guidelines for Organizing Society to Solve The Problem of Children Selling Goods at Night in Muaeng District, Chiangmai Province, Thailand

Hussen Taleb from Yaman and studying in Malaysia presented the paper titled Managerial Dynamic Capabilities and Small and Medium Enterprises’s Internationalization: Moderatin Role of Environmental Dynamism

During the deliberative session, session chairs ensure that the sessions run smoothly and impactful. The main function of session chairs is to lead the sessions, stimulate fruitful discussion and manage logistics. They also take part in the consideration of best paper and best presentation. Two selected participants were awarded for their outstanding contributions; Hazem Ali as the best paper winner and Thomson Sitompul as the best presenter winner. This two awards were exclusively presented by the conference committee.

The 3rd BEMSS was successfully concluded with closing remarks from Conference Chair. The conference committee were very appreciative and also thank to all participants who involved intensively in the whole day of conference and exchanged their ideas and views.

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