The 2nd International Conference on Teaching and Science Education (2nd ICTASE) by Research Synergy Foundation held virtually on August 25, 2020. The aim of Conference is to bring together leading academician, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Teaching, Education, and Science Education.

The conference was opened by Mrs. Santi Rahmawati, MSM as Founder & Director of Global Network and Operation of Research Synergy Foundation.

Participants of today conference are from various countries such as, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Cameroon, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Morocco, Nigeria, China, Iraq, Spain, Algeria, and Iran.

Before the main agenda for presentation session, Prof. Rosna Awang Hashim Ph.D from Universiti Utara Malaysia and she is The Advisory Board of Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction will deliver her speech about “The Importance of Relatedness in Student Learning Experiences”.

After the interesting speech, we move to the main agenda to the participants presentation. This agenda will be chaired by Dr. Rasmitadila from Universitas Djuanda, Indonesia as session chair of today conference.

The first presenter is Mrs. Deane Umboh with research entitled “Learning Strategies in Elementary Schools During Covid-19 Pandemic in North Sulawesi”

The second presenter is Mr. Dani Nur Saputra with research entitled “New Curriculum: The Concept of Freedom Learning in Music Learning in Department of Music Education”

The third presenter is Ms. Jannat Gul with research entitled “Digital Skills and Literacy among Prospective Teachers of Sukkur Pakistan: A Conceptual Framework”

The fourth presenter is Mrs. Betty Rojas Ereje with research entitled “Teachers’ Performance and Students’ Learning Outcome in the Division of Cavite, Philippines”

The last presenter is Ms. Sumaira Zia with research entitled “Student’s Satisfaction Level Towards Teachers’ Pedagogical Skills: A Conceptual Action Plan for Sindh Pakistan”

The 2nd ICTASE held successfully and we hope with this event can give the participants and all audience with the new insight and valuable experiences