Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had become the host of 2nd International Conference on Business, Economy, Management and Social Studies towards Sustainable Economy (BEMSS) on November 19, 2018. There were scholars from Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, Oman, and Kuwait had participated in the event. The event starts with a warm welcome from Mrs. Santi Rahmawati as Co-Founder & Director of Global Network of RSF (Research Synergy Foundation). She explained about RSF and also give guidance for today session. There were 3 tracks to be presented and discussed: Business, Banking & Finance, and Economic.

First presenter is Dr. Mirwan Surya Perdhana from Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia. He came along with his co-author and colleague Dr. I Made Bayu Dirgantara, and Mr. Rizal Hari Magnadi. Their research is trying to bridging the gap between practitioner and researcher in terms of good salesperson (marketing). The interesting point that there are several characteristics that embed with cultural factors of the country (Indonesia). He also stated that university need to adjust their curriculum in order to fit with the industry requirement.

Second presenter is Mr. Rakan Fuad Aldomy from Multimedia University, Malaysia. He shares his research about bank concentration and risk in the Jordanian banking industry. He stated that Jordan need more competitive environment for banking sector that can stimulate innovativeness.

Third presenter is Mr. Andy Lasmana from Universitas Djuanda, Indonesia. He and his colleague Mr. Mas Nur had presented their research about bank impairment policies in Indonesia. This research somehow still related with the issue of Mr. Rakan research. Mr. Rakan also give comment and suggestion for their research.

The last presenter is Dr. Abdusalam Faraj Yahia from Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is an Economic Expert and He explained very well about an econometric estimation of feedback effects from trade relationship between Oman and other members of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). From the research, he suggested that Oman need to make balance their trade relationship to others members from Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have the large percentage of Omani’s export. One of the way is through product diversification.

Among the participants also attended practitioners from Finance and Accounting Department of Kuwait Gulf Oil Company.

All the participants had given their best attention to the event and also involve in active discussion. Because all of us are aware about the power of knowledge sharing and learning. The event was closed by distributing the certificate and group photo to memorize all the good vibes that we got from the event.

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