February 25, 2020 International Conference on Creative Economy and Sustainable Tourism (1st ICEST) was held successfully in Bandung, Indonesia, on 25 February 2020. The event which has the theme “Strengthening and Sustaining: Development for Better Future through Research” was collaborate between PSDKU UNPAD Pangandaran and RSF with Co-host from STIEPAR YAPARI-AKTRIPA and STIA LPPN. This conference was highly effective for knowledge, research, idea, and work sharing. In total, there were professors, scholars, academics, and students from all over the world including Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.

The conference opened by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder & Chairman of Research Synergy Foundation and Co-Conference Chair 1st ICEST to introduce Global Research Ecosystem.

Continued by Ir. Yenni Jufri, M. Si as Co Host – STIA LPPN Padang

Titing Kartika, S.PD., MM.Par., MBA.Tourism as Co Host – STIEPAR Bandung.

Then Prof. Dr. Ir. Hendarmawan, M.Sc. as Deputy Chancellor for Research and Innovation Universitas Padjadjaran gave an opening speech to welcoming all the participants, committees, and invitations.

In this international conference there were a number of competent speakers including Dr. Drs. Bambang Hermanto, M.Si and Assoc. Prof. Hiram Ting, Ph.D from UCSI University, Serawak Malaysia.

Keynote speech from Dr. Drs. Bambang Hermanto, M.Si as Head of PSDKU Universitas Padjadjaran Pangandaran also Conference Chair 1st ICEST.

Keynote speech from Assoc. Prof. Hiram Ting, Ph.D from UCSI University, Serawak Malaysia as Managing Editor of Asian Journal of Business Research.

This session was run very quickly and we already in the end of opening ceremony, and it closed by group photo of all the participants, invitations, speakers, and committees.

Parallel session begun after lunch in the 5 separate rooms. In this session was divided by two parts. The first was presentation session and the second was discussion session.

All the presenters had delivered/ shared their research and work eagerly at the presentation session.

While the presentation is done by each presenters, there is discussion session. The audience can directly ask questions, comments, or give other suggestion regarding presentation.

In brief, the participants received feedback from the session chairs and improve their research from the discussion session among participants/ audiences. After the presentations session done, they got the certificate of presentation.

Finally in the closing ceremony, it was announced for participants who received the Best Paper and Best Presentation. Best papers were chosen by scientific committee of reviewers who had read the research previously. The Best paper are:

Mr. Farid Fadhil Habibi with research entitled “Formulating Business Strategy for Media and Broadcasting Startup: A Case Study at PT Svara Inovasi Indonesia”.

Mrs. Sari Lenggogeni with research entitled “How Vulnerable are They? The Travelers With Health Problem’s Perceived Risk in The Turbulence Era”.

In addition, Best Presentations were chosen by the session chair in charge of presentation sessions in each room. They assess each participants presentation based on evaluation form. The Best Presentation are:

  • Mrs. Neti Juniarti with research entitled “The Nursing Center Unpad as A Model for Nursing Entrepreneursip Program on Campus”.
  • Mrs. Nova Riana with research entitled “The Influence of Brand Image and Word Of Mouth on Tourists’ Decision to Visit Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda, Bandung”.

  • Mr. Andre Reksa Rajendra with research entitled “The Implementation of Emotional Branding in Marketing Mix Strategies to Increase Sales of Labuan”.
  • Anang Muftiadi with research entitled “Analysis of Foreign Tourists Capacity in Greater Makassar and South Sulawesi: Using The Adjusted Little Law Model”.
  • Luthfi Tirafi with research entitled “The Entrepreneurial Aspects of Rural Tourism – A Systematic Mapping Study”.
  • Dr. Bibiana Lim with research entitled “Sharing Economy through E-Wallet: Understanding the Determinants of User Intention in Malaysia”.
  • Mrs. Restuning Widiasih with research entitled “Halal Healthcare Tourism: Nurses’ Perspectives”.
  • Mrs. Anna Amalyah Agus with research entitled “Third Party Logistics Practice in Archipelago Countries – Case Study of Iruna Elogistics Indonesia”
  • Dr. Sari Lenggogeni with research entitled “How Vulnerable are They? The Travelers With Health Problem’s Perceived Risk in The Turbulence Era”.
  • Mrs. Novi Mayasari with research entitled “The Effects of Selenium And Vitamin E Supplementation on Stress Biomarkers in Transported Beef Steers”.

You can access all documentaries in this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ResearchSynergy/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3075841799134057